I have fall on the brain!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obviously I'm ready for fall because I can't stop buying fall clothes! I had been lusting after this cute little plaid dress from the Gap ever since I saw it on their site. I picked it up this weekend using my 30% off coupon for the friends and family event. I knew I wouldn't want to take it off if I let myself try it on!

(Note: does anyone else feel bad for the girl in the picture? Where did the rest of her face go?!)

I was bummed to read the bad reviews of the dress on their site. Yes, it is a larger dress and not what you would call "figure flattering." It's a shift dress, for goodness sakes! Isn't it supposed to be boxy?

Well, I still think I love it (although of course I'm going to go straight to my closet after work and try it on again, re-evaluating everything...I mean, it still has the tags on it...). Hmph. Has anyone else picked this dress up off the racks?

Sigh. I hope we get a long, beautiful fall this year. It seems like the past few have been gone within the blink of an eye, and we go from 85 degrees to snow within days. I'd like a nice, cool, crisp 65 degrees for at least 2 months, thankyouverymuch!

Charlie Learns to Swim!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Do you ever have any moments where you are so ridiculously proud of your pet that for a second you forget it's a fur baby you're cheering on, not an actual baby? Yep, that was me this weekend.

We took Charlie on his second trip to the dog beach. The first time Steve took him (without me) Charlie had a "What the...?!" moment when he got anywhere near the water. Running free on the beach was pure bliss, but actually go out into the water? No way.

When we arrived on Friday morning, there were already quite a few dogs there. As soon as Charlie was off of his leash, he took off. Let me tell you, all of that wide open space and dogs running around is terrifying at first. Charlie did his laps around the sand trying to start up a game of chase, but we finally grabbed him and coaxed him out into the water with us. He was not a fan.

I tossed his tennis ball and Steve encouraged him out into deeper water. Eventually, when his feet couldn't touch the ground, he started a little doggy paddle! It was seriously too cute. We spent the rest of our time playing fetch in the water and getting Charlie to swim further out. By the end he seemed really at home in the water.

Check out the pup in action:

I couldn't have been a prouder fur baby parent!

While the husband's away...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Steve was shooting a fun wedding in Pasadena this weekend (seriously, they had a Pinkberry bar at the reception, how fun is that?!), so I kept myself occupied.

I decided that the cubes on my side of the closet were being wasted wasted by keeping piles of purses in them.

So, I pulled everything out of my side of our closet (Charlie helped as I tossed shoe and purses over his head).

I then solved my big shoe storage problem as of late and hung the high heels and then stacked the flats and wedges. Genius!

While rummaging through my closet, I discovered my wedding shoes. So I decided to wear them around while I cleaned.

I also took the time to give the pup a bath. He needed it!

And then I experienced another big FAIL at omelet making. This is my closest attempt yet...I know I'll get there one day with a perfectly fluffy egg white omelet.

I finished up the weekend before Steve got home with a great run. Unfortunately, I realized after I got home that my shorts were on inside out. See that white stripe at the bottom? Yah...that's supposed to be running down the side. Doh!

I'm usually insanely unproductive when Steve is gone, so I was really proud of myself for keeping busy and not sitting like a lump in front of the tv (I only did that for part of the weekend).

How do you keep busy when your significant other is out of town?

Who buys non-returnable clothes online?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

{fingers pointing at self} This girl.

Sigh. I'm worried about having to revoke my online shopping privileges. I've been super antsy to buy some fall clothes. Forget this summer stuff, I want boots, cute jeans and fun sweaters. Banana Republic's fall line has me drooling, but I can't take the high prices or the wait for a good sale. I needed to shop. Now.

Steve has also been jonesing for new clothes, so this morning he sent me a link to J. Crew's sale. An extra 30% off? Free shipping? Oh what's that, all sales are final with no exchanges or returns? Bah.

So after weeks of filling up shopping carts at various online stores, I actually pulled the trigger and bought clothes from a store I've never shopped at, purchasing clothes I can't return. Yes, you read that correctly, I've never shopped at J. Crew before. Don't judge.

Was it worth the gamble? You decide. I bought:

Fun frilly cardigan in a color that I think is going to be fantastic for fall.

Another fun cardigan in a great, soft color. This cardi, however, needs a skinny belt...which means of course, I finally have an excuse to buy a skinny belt. Yay!

Awesome gray dress! Perfect for work or I'm certain I could wear this around for other things...right?

Jeans. Yes, you heard me, I purchased jeans from a store that I've never shopped at. I have no clue how they will fit and I struggle when the sizes are in inches...so I looked at their size chart and guessed. Fingers triple crossed these fit*, because I'm desperate for jeans right now.

I am love, love, loving this dress! It also comes in a smoky gray, but when I saw the navy blue I just knew I had to have it. How cute will this be in the fall with fun tights? Too cute, that's how cute. Eeep!

So there you have it. My big ol' shopping splurge of clothes that may or may not fit me, but which I can't return. Le sigh. But, again, 30% off of the sale prices and free shipping. Which means I got 2 dresses, 2 sweaters and a pair of jeans for $260! And, since I had one of those $50 pre-paid debit cards that I received as a gift, I really only spent $210. That averages out to $42 an item, my friends, which is a fantastic deal.

Would you have taken the non-returnable gamble?

*If jeans from J. Crew run disgustingly small compared to jeans from other stores, please keep that teeny tiny lit bit of information to yourself so that I can live in my happy little sale bubble until they arrive. I'll find out soon enough when I try and wiggle my big butt into 'em.

Pup in the Night

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A few months ago we officially ousted Charlie from sleeping in our bed. Not that he's isn't a great snuggle buddy, but his 35-pound frame likes to take over the entire bed. And, with two adults and a pup in a full sized bed...someone eventually falls off, and that someone is usually me.

Since we've kicked him out, Charlie has become a rather unusual sleeper. His favorite spot? He slides on his belly right under the bed. Most mornings when I get up, he's still hidden away under there...awesome plan for a sneak attack if anyone decides to rob us in the middle of the night.

Of course, we have a nice bed for him set up on the floor. In the morning after I take Charlie out and we eat our breakfasts, I put Charlie back to bed while I get ready for work. Talk about a lazy bum, right?

Charlie did not like the sneak attack picture on him sleeping. Some dogs are so touchy about their photos, eh?

Where does your pup curl up at night?

Chicken Tikka: In your grocer's freezer

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I love the belly warmth and comfort of Indian food. I'll be honest that I don't know the distinct difference between dishes and sauces, but I know that I love the goodness that curry and naan bring into my life. Steve and I love it so much, we even tried our hand at making a few Indian dishes this year.

Unfortunately, though, we don't eat it very often. We have a great restaurant close by that delivers to us, but after naan, samosas, a couple of entrees, delivery and tip, we're talking $50 on takeout. It's a $50 very deliciously spent, but $50 nonetheless.

Fortunately, I can get an Indian fix every once in awhile with Whole Foods' frozen Chicken Tikka Masala. I know what you're thinking, frozen Indian. Eww.

Yes, it looks like your typical frozen dinner. Sterile and compartmentalized.

But after you pop it out of the microwave, the final product isn't so shabby. The rice is the big seller: it's not dried out at all. It's actually quite fluffy. The sauce tastes great. The only downside is that the chicken isn't as tender and yummy as it could be, but I can live with the so-so chicken.

For around 5 bucks a pop, these are great when a need a yummy hot dinner and an Indian dinner isn't in the budget. Now all I need is an awesome ready-to-go garlic naan that tastes like the real thing...

I've been "Mary Kay'd"...again!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One of my biggest pet peeves is getting "Mary Kay'd" while out and about. Other than best friend D, I've never heard anyone share a similar experience, but I'm curious to see if anyone ends up coming forward with a story like mine.

This is what happens to me at least once a year:

Me: Sitting in a Starbucks minding my own business.
MK Lady: Polished, professional, outfit perfectly coordinating, make up "just so," on the prowl.
MK Lady: "I love your ________" (tights/shoes/coat)
Me: Oh thanks, it's my favorite."
MK Lady: You have such a great sense of style. You look really professional. What type of work do you do?"
Me: "Oh I work in non-profit fund raising."
MK Lady: "That so great!! You know I work a lot with the non-profit community. What made you get into that?"
Me: "Oh, you know, ___________" (insert reason of the day I like my job)
MK Lady: "You know, I work for a company that is doing a lot with fund raising. We're actually establishing a foundation and doing a lot with opportunities for women."
Me: "Oh, umm, great."
MK Lady: "I should give you my card. I'd love to give you more information. Do you happen to have one of your cards?"
Me: "Uh, yah, here."
MK Lady: "Great! It was sooo nice meeting you!!"
Me: "Umm, yes. K. Bye."

This was the first time I got Mary Kay'd a few years ago. On that instance, she liked the tights I was wearing. I stupidly gave her my card. She called me at work multiple times; fortunately I always managed to dodge her calls.

I've had many other encounters where I haven't seen them coming. Because, who am I to be a b*tch if someone compliments me on my brand new winter coat that I love? Of course I'm going to say "thank you" and tell you where I bought it when you ask. Fortunately, I've never given out my contact information again...until last night.

You see, last night I was waiting in a Starbucks to meet with a bride to discuss day of coordination. I had a copy of a wedding magazine out on the table that I was going to give her, and I was keeping an eye out for her to walk in the door. I saw a woman in her mid-20s, dressed professionally, walk in the door. I briefly made eye contact with her, realized it wasn't the bride, and looked away. She made a loop around the store, came right back around and found her conversation starter...the magazine (apparently, I wasn't wearing anything yesterday worth complimenting).

MK Lady: "Oh, are you getting married?!"
Me: "No, I coordinate weddings."
MK Lady: "That's so great! I love looking at wedding magazines! I actually have done makeup for weddings before...I should give you my card."
Me: "Oh, great. I'll give you my card as well."
In my head: Ok, totally thought this was a Mary Kay lady, but she's obviously I free lance make up artist. Sure, I'll give her my card.
MK Lady: "Great! It's so nice that we're able to network like this! I hope you have a great night."

Of course I look at the card right after she walks away and have an "oh crap" moment because, of course, it was a Mary Kay card! She totally got me, and got me good, because now she has my cell phone number. Boooo.

What I don't understand is: who are these women really, and what do they want?! They are literally all over the city looking for young professional women. The first time I was approached was in 2006 and 4 years later, it's still happening. One time last year, I was approached in the shampoo aisle at Target. I've been approached at Starbucks all over the city. Best friend D was approached on the train. They're all so perky and friendly I almost feel badly being rude, but should there be a next time, I'm going to have to ask, point blank, what they're after. For me to sell makeup? Give them money? Join a cult? WHAT IS IT?

So please tell me, have you ever been Mary Kay'd? Do you know what they're looking for? Please enlighten me...I've been dying to know for 4 years, but I don't think I can handle another encounter!

In with a pig, out with a pig

Monday, August 2, 2010

July has flown by, and I have absolutely loved every minute of my daily blogging challenge! I've learned to be more spontaneous with my posts and think about my life in different ways: what's interesting, what's happening, and what I want to chronicle.

I'm proud to say over the course of the month, I blogged 28 times in 31 days! Those few days that I missed were due to coordinating weddings and just not being able to make posts happen....working two jobs can get hectic! But overall, I'm very proud to say I posted that much.

The most exciting outcome of the past month was finding out I have readers all of the country that I never even knew about! Thank you all for reading, commenting and sharing stories with me...I'm not always the best at returning the comments on your blogs, but I try *very* hard and my new challenge is to get even better! I do definitely blog stalk though, even if I'm not commenting!

And finally, over the month my traffic went up by 123%! I don't think you can pay too close of attention to traffic, but it was exciting to see the numbers shooting up and up.

While I don't think I can maintain the "blog every day" mindset, I plan on keeping up a regular presence with stories to share, baking successes (and disasters, like this weekend!), and a lot of fun in between.

Since we started off the challenge with a pig, I'm sure you were dying to see August's pig..this month, playful pigs are going to the opera.