Macaron FAIL

Saturday, July 31, 2010

A few years ago, I was really getting into baking and started seeing recipes for macarons all over the blogs. Certainly I could tackle this simple little French cookie. Well, I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but something went awry with my piping bag and the macaron batter that ended with me covered in it and yelling at Steve that I would never bake again. Melodramatic much?

Of course I've baked many times since then, but I've never made another attempt at macarons...until today. I felt prepared. I studied the recipe. I knew I had this in the bag and was going to prevail over my nummy nemesis.

So I traced 1-inch circles on my parchment paper to use as guides.

I ground my almonds in the food processor.

I measured out my powdered sugar and fancy Dutch process cocoa powder and combined them with the ground almonds in the food processor for a few pulses.

I whipped my egg whites, added granulated sugar, and beat it mixture until I got nice stiff peaks. I was worried because it took me longer than expected to get to this point, but I think I had the speed on my mixer a little too low at the beginning.

I folded the dry ingredients into the meringue. I started noticing things were a little off, as it seemed like I had waaaay too little meringue for the amount of dry ingredients I had. It was really difficult to fold it all of the dry in, and I was left with this really thick batter, which didn't seem right.

In any event, I decided to fill up my pastry bag and pipe the batter onto the parchment paper. Because it was so thick I was able to pipe out only half the number I was supposed to, and they definitely didn't spread out in the circles. I popped them into the oven.

15 minutes later, I had these odd looking, sort of chewy, macaron wannabes.

Needless to say, I didn't waste good chocolate to make the ganache filling for these cookie failures. I'm not discouraged, though. Macarons might have gotten the best of me twice now, but I will one day reign supreme, and that will be a wonderful, wonderful day.

Obviously, I will be seeking a different recipe* for the next attempt. Any suggestions?

*please note: the recipe I used is probably fantastic and there's a strong possibility it was user error, not recipe error, that led me to these blobby cookies.


BigAppleNosh said...

Kudos for trying! I want to get around to making these some day, but it looks so intimidating!

deanna said...

Did you try Mrs. Perfume's recipe yet?

Married In Chicago said...

I've heard its a good idea to leave the egg whites out over night. Good luck with your next try!

Mrs. Hot Cocoa said...

How long did you do the macaronage for? It might be that you needed a few more whacks with the spatula: "I heart macarons" recommends between 15-20 times - too few mixes and the batter is too thick, too many strokes and the batter gets too thin and feet won't develop. If that's too vague, Tartelette (I think) recommends blending until a line drawn in the batter with a spatula disappears after 10 seconds.

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