A Koo Baby...One Day...Maybe?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

One day, yes, there will be a Koo baby. He or she will be 50% Korean and 100% adorable, without a doubt. I keep my post-wedding-OMG-I-want-a-baby fever suppressed most of the time. And yes, yes, people tell me that I'm young (but wtf does that mean? I'm 28 not 19!) and we were just married. That is true, we were just married. So we shall wait until the time is right.

So while I suppress my desire to add another Koo to the craziness, I've still mentally rearranged our condo for the day we do decide to bring a very special addition into the home. With a smallish two bedroom that also needs to have space for a home office, we're going to have to get creative.

Today on Ohdeedoh I came across....drum roll please...The Koo! It's like someone knew us and decided to design a piece of furniture that would fit our design style while also addressing our space issues. And then, to top it all off, they named it after us. Sweet.

The Koo is a bassinet...

...turned rocker! Genius.

I'm assuming that most people would not realize the amazingness of this, but I don't have kids yet and even I know that city babies don't always get big, luxurious bedrooms. We will need furniture that can pull double duty.

The Koo isn't on sale yet, but since it's a sleek, modern piece of furniture that I really like, I'm sure it will cost like a million dollars. Maybe I'll be lucky and by the time I actually have a baby to put in it, The Koo will be copied by The IKEA. But in the meantime, you can check out the status here.

Have you seen a piece of baby furniture that is more ingenious than The Koo? Please share! Bonus points if the furniture is named "The Laura" or "The Steve."

Feed Your D.O.C. Well

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Being a D.O.C. (day of {wedding} coordinator) is hecka hard work. Having had two weddings in the past two weeks, I've learned a few things...
  • I can run around for 12 hours and only go to the bathroom once during that time frame. I always knew I was part camel. (And yes, I realize the extreme unhealthiness of the above statement. But adrenaline really takes over sometimes and you just can't slow down...even to pee.)
  • Until I put a new battery in my watch, my iPhone is getting quite the workout serving as email/internet/clock/entertainment.
  • A pair of Dr. Scholl's silver flats is both somewhat stylish and a lifesaver during a long day.
  • Venues who feed their coordinators well are very close to my heart.
This last weekend I was at the Private Dining Rooms of Spiaggia for a lovely wedding, and was blown away by the amazing staff there....and the food!

I may have been a vendor, but I felt almost like a guest. Vendor meals include the first two courses that the guests received. I scarfed down the 1st course before I could snap a picture of it with my trusty iPhone...but let me tell you, it was nothing short of amazing - buffalo mozzarella with a lovely dressing.

It got even better with the second course. The lightest, fluffiest homemade gnocchi with a wild boar ragu. OMG I couldn't eat this fast enough, but since it was both delicious and very filling, I couldn't even finish it. Le sigh. So much goodness on a plate...I made sure to complement the chef later on in the evening.

Later on in the evening, once guests had eaten their third course (chicken! As if they could still be hungry after the first two courses) and served dessert, the staff noticed that maybe I might want some cake. Yes, please!

I received this lovely little plate of pistachio gelato and orange sorbet. Pistachio gelato just happens to be my favorite. Mmm.

And, of course, a slice of wedding cake from Flour, Cake and Pastry. It was red velvet, and the texture was quite velvety and delicious.

What you can't see in the picture is my nice little shot of espresso to accompany dessert. I'm not going to lie, that part of the evening was just a little slice of heaven! Nothing like an amazing dinner and dessert to accompany a long (and fun!) day of work.

I have blog posts just piling up...in my head. I've learned that coordinating weddings, working a full time job and overall coordinating my life takes a lot out of me.

Would you have stuffed yourself with the amazing gnocchi, or gone straight to dessert?!

If I had a million dollars...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today at work, they're doing a collection for the Illinois Mega Millions, which apparently is up to a whopping $266 Million jackpot. Figuring this was too good to pass up, I forked over a dollar. I could have given more, but I had to scrounge just to find the dollar (I anticipate this not being a problem in the future, should luck be on my side).

As I stood at the copy machine thinking about what I'd do when I won - and in what order - I kept on re-writing the list in my head.


The basic ideas came to mind - traveling, a new house, paying off debts, etc. I also thought how great it would be to fund college scholarships for all of those babies on "16 & Pregnant" so that they have some sort of chance for a good future, or buying wedding gifts for all of our friends who have gotten married in the past few years, since I always feel like we're on a tight budget when weddings roll around.

After much internal debate (ok, like, 5 minutes while writing this post) I give you my "top ten things I'll do as soon as I have cool hard lottery cash in my hand" ...in chronological order, of course.
  1. Pay my parents back for all of the many things I owe them (college, studying abroad, my car, the wedding...you get the idea). I assume they'll be able to retire quite nicely with that chunk of change.
  2. Pay off our debts.
  3. Finish the projects left on our condo (renovate the bathroom, refinish the floors) so that we can PUT IT ON THE MARKET and...
  4. ...buy a bad ass single family home in the city. Fantastically awesome Chicago neighborhood location TBD.
  5. Invest in Steve's business, including buying him a studio space.
  6. Quit my job...so that I can take a trip around the world with Steve, my parents, and sister.
  7. Take a percentage of the winnings and make charitable donations to the organizations that Steve and I care about.
  8. Buy presents for friends and give said presents to friends at the party I'll throw at my bad ass new house.
  9. New wardrobes for Steve and I, naturally.
  10. Save, save, save the rest.
Wish me luck! Seriously - #8 on the list means there could be something in it for you.

What would you do with a few million dollars in hand?