A Koo Baby...One Day...Maybe?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

One day, yes, there will be a Koo baby. He or she will be 50% Korean and 100% adorable, without a doubt. I keep my post-wedding-OMG-I-want-a-baby fever suppressed most of the time. And yes, yes, people tell me that I'm young (but wtf does that mean? I'm 28 not 19!) and we were just married. That is true, we were just married. So we shall wait until the time is right.

So while I suppress my desire to add another Koo to the craziness, I've still mentally rearranged our condo for the day we do decide to bring a very special addition into the home. With a smallish two bedroom that also needs to have space for a home office, we're going to have to get creative.

Today on Ohdeedoh I came across....drum roll please...The Koo! It's like someone knew us and decided to design a piece of furniture that would fit our design style while also addressing our space issues. And then, to top it all off, they named it after us. Sweet.

The Koo is a bassinet...

...turned rocker! Genius.

I'm assuming that most people would not realize the amazingness of this, but I don't have kids yet and even I know that city babies don't always get big, luxurious bedrooms. We will need furniture that can pull double duty.

The Koo isn't on sale yet, but since it's a sleek, modern piece of furniture that I really like, I'm sure it will cost like a million dollars. Maybe I'll be lucky and by the time I actually have a baby to put in it, The Koo will be copied by The IKEA. But in the meantime, you can check out the status here.

Have you seen a piece of baby furniture that is more ingenious than The Koo? Please share! Bonus points if the furniture is named "The Laura" or "The Steve."


Amy said...

That's cute! I love that idea!

Sugar said...

This is beyond cute. As an apartment dweller as well, I love this. And yes, a baby is still in our distant future.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious, because I saw it over at Design Milk and was about to blog about it!

Laura said...

You probably have more reason to blog about it than me as you are actually expecting a lil one! BTW, I've been enjoying catching up this week on your posts...baby bump is growing :)

Kristin said...

Haha, love it!

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