I want my cake, please!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I could not have asked for better eye candy at my wedding than my AWESOME cake. It lived up 110% to the picture in my head of what my cake would look like. Don't believe me?

I think my reaction says it all. Next to Steve, the cake was the best thing I laid eyes on all day. And smelled, for that matter. The scent of sugar wafting off of the cake was enough to make you swoon.

As our 1-year anniversary in September gets closer and closer, I keep on thinking about devouring our anniversary tier. Rather than freezing the top layer of our cake, The Sugar Syndicate offers a mini-anniversary tier in one of the flavors you had at your wedding.

I had assumed that Steve and I would playfully bicker about what flavor to get (me: chocolate cake with white chocolate peppermint ganache; him: white cake with mango curd and strawberries). We'd go back and forth on our decision until one of us caved.

Unfortunately, our biggest problem is not what flavor to get, but not getting any flavor at all! I just learned last week that The Sugar Syndicate has closed their doors...big sad face! The owner, Cathay Rayhill, does simply exquisite work and I'm very hopeful that she's moving on to bigger and better things.

However being a selfish newlywed, I'm SO SAD that I won't be getting my anniversary tier. I was looking forward to that being a big part of our 1-year celebration, and even though having or not having cake won't define our anniversary one way or another, I think it would have made it extra special.

What would you do in this situation...find a bakery to recreate a mini-tier in your wedding flavors (or, umm, have them make 2 so that you and your husband can each have the flavor of your choice)? Re-create the cake yourself? Or, say screw it and order a slice of cake when you go out to dinner on your anniversary?


M and C said...

Could you just email Cathy and ask if she'd be interested in baking a cake for you. You'd pay of course. Or if she could recommend someone (maybe someone else that worked for her) who could do it?

Mrs. Hot Cocoa said...

Mango curd and strawberries?! I'm sad that she's closed too!

Katie said...

Oh no! That is so sad :( I hope you find a good solution...

Misse said...

I was totally bummed because I found out that Amy from Amy Beck doesn't make the cakes. She won't even sell them! Boo.

We just went cake free. It was another expense we didn't need. Good luck!

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