Shoes in the Nude...Color!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hi, it's me! Here for some hit-and-run blogging. I have a million posts I want to do, but time keeps on escaping me and I never get the pictures off of my camera to actually blog. Boo. Don't worry, you'll hear from me plenty this winter, once wedding season has died down.

Amidst the craziness, I've been trying really hard to refine my style, buying clothes that are a little more professional/stylish/pulled together. At least, I hope so. (If you see me on a regular basis and you're reading this, please feel free to tell me if I've made absolutely no progress on my look. I won't get mad, I promise! But I will make you go shopping with me.)

I've become simply obsessed with nude peep toe pumps! Seriously, ob-sessed. So I started searching for the perfect nude pump, and quickly found out important lessons.

Lesson #1: there is no "nude" option in the color list. You can go "tan" or "khaki" but you definitely can't go "nude."

Lesson #2: the colors vary across the board. Some are more blush, some lean toward tan, and some have a yellow hue. Decisions, decisions.

Lesson #3: as with (almost) any shoe, the more you spend, the better they get and the more options you have. Since I'm a shoe buyer on a budget, my options are rather limited. But at every budget point, there's a shoe for you.

Option #1: A bit of a splurge

This Daniblack "Jacky" is absolutely adorable! I love the scalloped detail and I feel like the cone-shaped heel will provide for great walkability. The color is very sweet - while not the shade I was looking for, I'd snap these up in a heartbeat. If they weren't, umm, $134. Moving on.

Option #2: Super splurge

Love, love, love the Stewart Weitzman "Avignon." I feel like I just saw Bethenny Frankel on RHWNY in a pair just like this and I swooned. The platform is amazing and the contrasting heel color actually doesn't bother me. What does bother me about this sweet little pair? For starters, the 4 1/4" heel doesn't fly when you have to walk to and from the train, and the $325 price tag definitely doesn't fly with my bank account.

Option #3: Budget (but better?!)


Floating back down to reality, I present my budget pick. This Enzo Angiolini "Maylie" is a pretty sweet deal - more of the "nude" color I was shooting for, while simple and sophisticated with a 3 1/2" heel. Or, if you're not impressed with the nude, this style comes in a million other great colors (bold pops of yellow, blue and pink...I'm thinking perfect for a wedding). Oh, and the price tag? A sweet $58.95.

What shoe has caught your eye for the summer season?


Katie said...

Well, I could be biased, but my choice would definitely be the Enzo pump! I personally own 4 pairs in various colors/materials of the Maylie pump. They are definitely my go-to dependable peep toe shoe, and they do stand the test of time (I've had one of the pairs for 4 years...they are still looking/working great)! Also, not sure if you already own any daniblack shoes, but I have a pair and can also vouch that mine are comfy/well made (but mine are strappy heels). Hope you find a pair you like!

Marissa said...

I've been on the hunt for a pair of nude heels, too! I've completely worn out my favorite pair of Ann Taylor strappy sandals and have had the hardest time finding a replacement. It's not every day you find something that looks great with jeans and sundresses. *sigh*

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