Sadie at 17 & 18 Months

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I promise myself that I will start blogging on here more regularly beyond Sadie's monthly updates...but in the meantime at least I'm getting monthly updates posted here (somewhat consistently) which is much better than the job I'm doing (or rather, not doing) of keeping Sadie's baby book updated!

Sadie continues to be, as always, so much fun! She's singing the ABC's through the letter P and counted to three. Every day is a word explosion with her as she is always picking up new words. We're lucky she hasn't picked up any, umm, bad words, although I'm sure that's right around the corner. She has also gotten so fast! She's litterally running around the house doing laps, which also means she is pretty quick to fall asleep for her nap each afternoon (which is lucky for us, as she wears us out!).

We love our silly little bundle of energy so much, with her snuggles, hugs, and healthy big appetite! And that big appetite is definitely doing her good, as Sadie jumped up from the 25th to the 70th percentile for her weight!

Nicknames: Say-Say, Say
Temperament: Happy and upbeat, per usual. You love "calling" your friends and your phone, and are convinced that grandma and grandpa live in the iPad. You miss your nanny desperately when you're not with her and you love giving us all big hugs.
Things I Could Do Without: Dropping your sippy cup, especially from your high chair. It often hits our feet (ouch!) or the dog's head (ouch!). You often do it just to test us to see what we'll say or do, and we always promptly ask you to say sorry.
Item/Toy We Love The Most: Right now you have a bunch of plastic spoons and forks that I gave you to play with. You love putting them in containers and into the back of your toy truck. When I'm cooking I'll often ask you to find me a "red spoon" or a "blue fork" and you set out on your quest, usually bringing back exactly what I've asked for. It's a fun distraction!
Item/Toy You Love The Most: Lovey. We started giving you a "lovey" at night around your first birthday. At the time you could have cared less if it was there. But over the past couple of months, you have become obsessed with Lovey. You love cuddling him and carrying him around and he's definitely your buddy at night!
Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: Time with you and watching you play and playing games with you. You get so excited when you see and learn new things, and you love watching us in the kitchen while we're cooking. It's so much fun having you right by my side!
Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: You are starting to walk down the stairs while holding our hands and using the wall for support. You are obsessed with this "big girl" activity! It's slow-going but fun to see you so proud of yourself when we make it to the bottom of the stairs.
Sounds/Words: You are talking non-stop! You've started saying full sentences ("Say Say goes night night too") and three-syllable words like "applesauce." The night you first said a sentence, I think my jaw dropped.
Foods You Like: Anything and everything. You have started to like salmon. You love veggie quesadillas (our "dillas" as you call them), French toast, pancakes, you recently had bacon for the first time (yum!), lots of fruit and veggies, and egg scrambles are an absolute favorite. I'm still so grateful you're such a good eater!