Chicken Tikka: In your grocer's freezer

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I love the belly warmth and comfort of Indian food. I'll be honest that I don't know the distinct difference between dishes and sauces, but I know that I love the goodness that curry and naan bring into my life. Steve and I love it so much, we even tried our hand at making a few Indian dishes this year.

Unfortunately, though, we don't eat it very often. We have a great restaurant close by that delivers to us, but after naan, samosas, a couple of entrees, delivery and tip, we're talking $50 on takeout. It's a $50 very deliciously spent, but $50 nonetheless.

Fortunately, I can get an Indian fix every once in awhile with Whole Foods' frozen Chicken Tikka Masala. I know what you're thinking, frozen Indian. Eww.

Yes, it looks like your typical frozen dinner. Sterile and compartmentalized.

But after you pop it out of the microwave, the final product isn't so shabby. The rice is the big seller: it's not dried out at all. It's actually quite fluffy. The sauce tastes great. The only downside is that the chicken isn't as tender and yummy as it could be, but I can live with the so-so chicken.

For around 5 bucks a pop, these are great when a need a yummy hot dinner and an Indian dinner isn't in the budget. Now all I need is an awesome ready-to-go garlic naan that tastes like the real thing...


BigAppleNosh said...

Ah, good to know! Indian is one of my comfort foods as well, I'll have to try this :)

Anonymous said...

We love Trader Joe's garlic naan. Just pop it into the toaster oven and it's ready to go. And we are Indian so it's definitely approved :)

Kimberly Michelle said...

Who's hating on frozen meals? Not me! I feel like I've never gone bad w/frozen meals from TJ's... and I LIVED on Whole Foods frozen food back in my first years post-college. Give me Indian food any way I can get it!

Sandy said...

Trader Joe's frozen dinner Chicken Tiki Masala is super good! I think it's only $2.99 :)

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