Pup in the Night

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A few months ago we officially ousted Charlie from sleeping in our bed. Not that he's isn't a great snuggle buddy, but his 35-pound frame likes to take over the entire bed. And, with two adults and a pup in a full sized bed...someone eventually falls off, and that someone is usually me.

Since we've kicked him out, Charlie has become a rather unusual sleeper. His favorite spot? He slides on his belly right under the bed. Most mornings when I get up, he's still hidden away under there...awesome plan for a sneak attack if anyone decides to rob us in the middle of the night.

Of course, we have a nice bed for him set up on the floor. In the morning after I take Charlie out and we eat our breakfasts, I put Charlie back to bed while I get ready for work. Talk about a lazy bum, right?

Charlie did not like the sneak attack picture on him sleeping. Some dogs are so touchy about their photos, eh?

Where does your pup curl up at night?


MayLove said...

LOL, too funny! One of our dogs is a dedicated dog-bed sleeper. She's tried to sleep in our bed, but gets annoyed that we take up too much room (the nerve) and leaves. Our newest pup is a bed sleeper. No matter how many times we push him out, he pops right back up. Sometimes he'll try to fake us out and will pretend to go to sleep in his dog bed, but he'll make his way back into ours. It's not *too* bad b/c he's not very big, but like you we are also in a full bed, and I am always the one who is getting nudged out. We're trying to teach him to sleep in HIS bed, but also we're planning to buy a new, bigger bed.

lavenderpug said...

aw what a cutie! i love his little rump sticking our from under the bed. our pugs both sleep with us, and it's been ok because while together they weigh as much as charlie, they are "broken" into parts and makes it feasible to sleep on our queen bed all together.

BigAppleNosh said...

Charlie is such a cutie!!

Anonymous said...

My dog sleeps on the bed with us because he's a clingy attention whore! He just loves to cuddle and although he usually prefers to sleep right next to me, when my husband and I are extra-close and/or cuddling with each other he'll try to squeeze in between us because he HAS to be the center of attention. It's a good thing that he's a small dog, and that we have a king-sized bed, or we would have to kick him out.

P.S. — I agree with BigAppleNosh...Charlie is a cutie! And just reading this post reminded me of my old family dog Charlie, who passed away 10 years ago and everyone in my family has nothing but good memories of him.

Anonymous said...

He is so cute! Derby still gives it her best shot every.single.night, but she doesn't sleep in the bed with us. She sleeps on the floor right beside me :) and then we let her up in the morning for a nice long belly rub!

Laura said...

I have to say that all of you who get to sleep with the pups in bed at night are so lucky!! I liked having Charlie there at night, especially in the winter. The good thing now is that now because it's such a treat for him to be in the bed, it's a great way to trick him into sleeping in with us on the weekends by inviting him up :)

e.louise said...

Awwww, so cute! Kingsley does the same thing! Except his body doesn't fit under our bed so he just sticks his head underneath it, we call him our ostrich- it's hilarious :) We also kicked our dog out of our bed a few months ago and I have to say that we've been getting much better sleep since then.

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