While the husband's away...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Steve was shooting a fun wedding in Pasadena this weekend (seriously, they had a Pinkberry bar at the reception, how fun is that?!), so I kept myself occupied.

I decided that the cubes on my side of the closet were being wasted wasted by keeping piles of purses in them.

So, I pulled everything out of my side of our closet (Charlie helped as I tossed shoe and purses over his head).

I then solved my big shoe storage problem as of late and hung the high heels and then stacked the flats and wedges. Genius!

While rummaging through my closet, I discovered my wedding shoes. So I decided to wear them around while I cleaned.

I also took the time to give the pup a bath. He needed it!

And then I experienced another big FAIL at omelet making. This is my closest attempt yet...I know I'll get there one day with a perfectly fluffy egg white omelet.

I finished up the weekend before Steve got home with a great run. Unfortunately, I realized after I got home that my shorts were on inside out. See that white stripe at the bottom? Yah...that's supposed to be running down the side. Doh!

I'm usually insanely unproductive when Steve is gone, so I was really proud of myself for keeping busy and not sitting like a lump in front of the tv (I only did that for part of the weekend).

How do you keep busy when your significant other is out of town?


Layla said...

Luckily, my husband doesn't go out of town often, but he does sometimes have to work all weekend, like this weekend. I also usually just sit on the couch but this weekend I was uber productive and it felt GREAT! I wouldn't have gotten a 1/4 of that stuff done had he been home. :P

BigAppleNosh said...

That picture of Charlie in the towel is too cute!

Married In Chicago said...

that's awesome! I'm also terribly unproductive whenever Neill is away, which unfortunately is fairly frequently because he tours with his band. I try and get lots of school work done, but I usually just end up watching tons of television :( I think I might secretly like doing that though!

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