Baby K: Week 10

Friday, October 21, 2011

(In cased you missed it, check out our big announcement and Baby K: Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, Week 8 and Week 9.)

Woo hoo! We are at Week 10. Baby K is about the size of a kumquat. I don't really know much about kumquats. But think about my last post and how big a grape is. Have that picture in your head?

Now take a look at this:

Baby K had quite the growth spurt this week! Can you believe it? Maybe that's why I'm feeling even chubbier...

I am happy to announce that my train-related nausea has finally subsided. I can right the train forward, backward and sideways without turning green. This is such a huge relief! I am, however, starting to really feel exhausted...I fall asleep on the couch at about 9:30pm every night. And why is it I can have the most wonderful sleep on the couch, but then when I transfer to my bed, I have complete and total insomnia?

Overall, though, I feel like I've been pretty lucky so far with this pregnancy. My only major nausea has been on the train. I haven't thrown up. I have no major food aversions besides spinach and a few other vegetables. I'm tired but functioning. I've discovered my ultimate comfort food is a toasted bagel with cream cheese and I could eat about 20 a day. I'm not craving anything else in particular. I've given up caffeine except for the occasional latte. Life is pretty good!

Here's to Baby K as he/she keeps on cookin'...and next week I am making myself get on a regular belly shot schedule. Since I am married to a photographer, there is no excuse for not having pictures...and I know everyone dies a little bit inside when a post has no pictures of me.

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