Baby K: Week 9

Thursday, October 20, 2011

(In cased you missed it, check out our big announcement and Baby K: Week 5, Week 6, Week 7 and Week 8.)

Here we are at Week 9 already! Baby K is about the size of a grape. Grapes make me think of wine, and this week Baby K is reminding me that I can't relax with a lovely glass of red or white.

However, if I could drink, I could totally go for a glass of Black Chook. It's an Australian sparkling shiraz and it's super delicious. Go find a bottle and think of me when you have a glass (or two...or three...).

Things have been incredibly busy during Week 9 with a huge (i.e. exhausting!) event for work and then our 2-year wedding anniversary! Oh, and Charlie (our pup) came down with kennel cough, which is the single most horrible thing ever. It's like Charlie knew we were going to have a baby soon and be up all night and exhausted, so he decided to prepare us for it now. I feel like I haven't slept for a week!

We have a fancy dinner coming up in October that will be our official celebration, so on our actual anniversary we ordered in Indian food and watched whatever was saved on the DVR. I've been dying for Indian lately, but I've been getting full so quickly that I didn't get a lot of it before I was stuffed.

No belly shots again this week...I am lazy. And chubby. I am starting to feel really "blah" and my clothes are not fitting me well. Instead, check out the gifts Steve and I gave to each other! We both turned to Etsy for unique and fun anniversary gifts.

I bought this bowl from Etsy seller Clayful Whimsy. I love how it tells our story - when we met, got engaged and got married.

And aren't the love birds adorable?!

Steve bought me this beautiful necklace from an Etsy seller - LOVE it!


Amanda @ The Fix-Its said...

my GOD steve is a good shopper! i'm keeping track, you know.

lavenderpug said...

i think i remember another fabulous etsy necklace steve got for you in the past? what great taste! oh, and my husband is a big fan of black chook--guess he is not alone!

Katie said...

Ooh, that necklace is fabulous! Steve did a great job picking that out!

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