Baby K: Week 7

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

(In cased you missed it, check out our big announcement and Baby K: Week 5 and Week 6.)

Baby K is now in Week 7 and is a happy little blueberry.


I, unfortunately, am less than a happy blueberry. I'm nauseous. It's even worse than last week and my train ride went from highly uncomfortable to stomach clenching panic as I wonder what day will be the one where I don't make it through the ride without major embarrassment.

I don't even like blowing my nose on the train, so puking is out of the question. Do you just run off at the next stop and find the nearest garbage can? But what if you can't make it off the train in time? I am terrified!

Hopefully, though, I only end up with a lot of nausea and little-to-no puking for the duration of the first trimester. I can hope, right?

We're still waiting for things to feel more "real"...hopefully our first doctor's appointment in a week will do the trick. I even took another pregnancy test yesterday just to make sure it was positive (it was...immediately).

Here's to making it through another week's commute! Oh, and here's a happy (and bloated!) belly shot!


Melanie said...


Creature Gorgeous said...

Cutest.bump.ever! Sorry to hear about the nausea, but soooooo excited for you!


Creature gorgeous aka Perfume

Terese said...

great news!! congratulations! by my calculations, you should be just out of your 1st trimester now and (hopefully!) feeling a ton better. i speak from experience - almost 26 weeks along over here. as bad as i felt for the 1st tri the 2nd has been as awesome as everyone says. keep the updates coming!

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