Baby K: Week 5

Sunday, October 16, 2011

(In case you missed it, there's a new addition on the way for Growing Kooky! I'm excited to start sharing the weekly posts I've been writing week by week.)

So, here we are. Week 5 of Baby K! How exactly did we land at this fabulous moment...?

I took a pregnancy test on a whim...we weren't even trying this month, but since I was late I took a shot. It was in the morning on a work day, so Steve was still asleep. Needless to say, my jaw dropped when I saw the little plus sign appear.

Then I started sweating. A lot. And then I ran to my computer to Google the hell out of this brand of test and if the instructions in my specific box of tests just happened to be incorrect. Apparently, a plus is a plus is a plus.

Even though we had wanted to start a family, seeing the positive was a total "holy crap" moment of excitement and fear and everything in between.

When I finally confirmed beyond a doubt that what I had in my hands was a positive test, I grabbed this onesie that I had bought months back from the Etsy shop amytangerine. I'd thought it would be a cute way to tell Steve.

I woke Steve up in a flurry of words, including "positive" and "pregnant" and shoved the onesie and test into his sleepy face. Poor guy. I then made him get up and take pictures of the onesie and test. At 6am.

And then, with this huge news on my mind (and I'm terrible with secrets) I had to actually start my day and make it to work.

It's the start of Week 5, so Baby K is the size of a sesame seed. Teeny tiny. Since there aren't any fun sesame seed pictures out there, I thought I'd share this whimsical photo of a hamburger, and you can just imagine Baby K as one of those seeds.


Beyond my stomach being a little bit off and burping and hiccuping a lot, overall I'm feeling fine. Here's hoping this good feeling continues!


Lauren said...

That is such a cute onesie!

Amanda @ The Fix-Its said...

Aw! I love the way you told Steve - so perfect!

Kate @ The Fetching Life said...

I love the onesie! I woke Brian up at dawn before work too, I'm guessing Steve probably didn't mind too much either though ;)

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

i'm a new follower to your blog (read you on weddingbee though!) and i love it :) congrats on your new addition!

Kristin Bien Living said...

Laura- I love that you had a onesie ready to go! That is such a great idea!

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