Sadie at 3 Months

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wow, we're at 3 months already! I can't believe how quickly Sadie has grown. It seems like yesterday she was a teeny tiny baby and now she's silly and fun and full of personality! We love her so, so much!

Nicknames: Button, Sadie Boo, Stinker
Temperament: You still love to smile, especially at daddy! You're curious about everything around you but easily let us know when you're not happy. Your cry has gotten louder and louder!
Things I Could Do Without: The struggle at nap time. You still don't like napping in your crib so we have to work hard to get you to snooze during the day.
Item/Toy We Love The Most: Your pack-n-play. We moved it into the dining room so that we have a safe place to put you when we're on the main floor. So much easier than trying to strap you into a swing or bouncer all the time!
Item/Toy You Love The Most: Your jitter bug! You love how it buzzes and its black and white feet.
Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: How great of a sleeper you are at night. You started sleeping through the night when I went back to work and you usually sleep from 8pm-6am! Sometimes I even get to go in and wake you up in the morning, which is so much fun. You're such a happy baby in the morning!
Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: Bath time! You love being in the tub and never fuss. You're definitely a water baby, and I can't wait until we can start swim class.
Sounds/Words: We make a buzzing noise with our lips and you've been trying so hard to copy us. It's just about the cutest thing ever watching you try!
Foods You Like: Breast milk!

Yep - that's the onesie I used to tell Steve I was pregnant. Crazy that it fits her! I will be so sad when she outgrows it. 

Our big, smiley girl!

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She is just too gosh darn adorable!

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