Rocker Dilemma No More!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Awhile back, we were facing a nursery rocker dilemma. While completely a first world problem, I didn't want us spending hard earned money on something that we weren't 100% confident would be a good choice. If we couldn't find anything, I simply wouldn't have bought anything.

I had blogged about the Curtis Storm Rocker from CB2. Now, we love CB2 in our house. I'd estimated about 75% of our furniture is from there, and we have no regrets about a single purchase.

So, at $299.00 for this rocker, I thought it was a steal and couldn't wait to set my pregnant behind in this chair. Steve wasn't with me on that trip, but I didn't need a second opinion to know that this was not the chair for us. It felt a little flimsy and while not necessarily uncomfortable, it definitely wasn't what I'd called comfortable. Which, during a 3am feeding, I might enjoy a little comfort.

After leaving CB2, I wandered over to West Elm. I was looking for holiday decorations at the time, but then I saw the Ryder Rocking Chair and I swooned. Then, I sat down in it and I fell in love. While not over-the-top plush, for a non-armchair style of rocker, this chair offers definite comfort.

Unfortunately, I glanced down at the price tag, saw $599.00, and fell a little out of love. Sigh.

I've been stalking the Ryder Rocker on West Elm's web site for the past month, hoping against hope that I'd see it go on sale. No luck. But Steve and I started talking more seriously about what we wanted and what we were willing to spend, and seeing what was available in our budget ($300-ish), we both agreed that stretching the budget was what we needed to do.

So on Sunday, we headed on over to our local West Elm to pick up the very last rocker they had in stock! Using a 10% off coupon West Elm sent us last week (score!) and saving on shipping costs by picking it up ourselves (vs. ordering online) we ended up spending around $590.00 for our rocker. she is, fitting perfectly in our cozy little nursery. Love.

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