Baby K: Weeks 24 and 25

Monday, January 9, 2012

Time has been moving right along in the Koo household, which also means Baby K has been growin', growin', growin'! Peanut has been moving around like crazy and I've been able to starting tracking when I will feel movement (after I eat something, when still down to relax after a lot of activity, when I lay on my left side, when I wake up at 3am and can't get back to sleep because a certain little someone is a night owl...).

It's also been exciting/creepy/alien-esque seeing my belly start to move as the baby moves/kicks. Steve has finally been able to witness many of these occurrences so I know I'm not just seeing things.

On most days, I still wonder when I will start to feel pregnant. 95% of the time I don't really have any symptoms. But, the other 5% of the time I am reminded of the little baby inside of me. Usually in the evenings after I've had something sweet and the heartburn begins to make itself known. Yummy homemade chocolate chip cookies plus mint chocolate brownie ice cream on New Year's after eating pizza did not make ringing in 2012 as pleasant as I would have liked!

I also have finally come to the realization that I actually do look pregnant. All of the time. Recently at the grocery store, our bagger asked me when I was due. At the time I was wearing my H & M winter coat, which I thought still sort of camouflaged the belly.

The evidence, below, would say otherwise.

It took me a minute to respond to her as I tried to process why she would have asked me that question. As we left the store I finally acknowledged to myself that the belly is now out in full force. Which is really exciting, but definitely took a stranger to make me realize that what I've been thinking about for months and months is out there for everyone I meet to notice and comment on.

As we hit Week 24, Baby K was as long as an ear of corn (!!).

Which, in turn, made my belly look like this.

At Week 25, Baby K is as heavy as a rutabaga. Having no clue how heavy a rutabaga is (or, really, what it is), I'll leave that up to your interpretation.

However, I do know that my rutabaga baby is making my belly look like this.

Please don't mind my ridiculously scrubby attire in this picture. I just bought some new workout pants from Gap and can barely manage to wear anything else (they'd be on my right now if I thought I could pass them as "business casual attire" for the office).

I also plan to, at some point, show my face in another picture. When I actually have make up. And dry my hair on the weekend. And, in general, when I look somewhat presentable for public viewing.

So I'll instead leave you with Charlie's face, which is always presentable! While Steve was taking my belly shot, Charlie kept on whining until Steve pointed the camera at him. What an attention hog!


LeiLani @ Elle Golden Photography said...

Love your outfit in week 24! And the nursery curtains!

And Charlie certainly is adorable. I bet he'll be a great big brother! :)

Terese said...

definitely a bump, but you still look tiny! i promise when you near the end and look back on these pics, you'll be amazed at how not pregnant you look in comparison.

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