Nursery Rocker Dilemma

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's not easy to find a rocker for the nursery that works well for a small space and a small budget, and is a little on the modern side.

I had originally thought I would buy one of these Eames-style rockers. They're affordable, minimal and I see them cropping up all over the 'net. You can pick one up for around $100-$150 and in theory, they are great. I just worry about overall comfort and the fear of buying a chair neither one of us will want to sit in. And, since we'd have to order it online, there would be no test run to see if we liked it before buying.

I know the IKEA Poang chair is popular as well. It comes in a variety of different fabrics and ranges from $69-$299, depending on the fabric you choose (the version below is $99). It's not 100% my style, but does fit overall with budget, size and comfort.

Today when shopping for other furniture online at CB2, I came across the Curtis rocker. I like its simple, clean lines. At $299 it's on the high-end of my budget, but not outrageously expensive.

For months there was absolutely no debate in my mind: we would get the Eames-style rocker and call it a day. But now that I'm beginning to have my doubts, it opens up a huge can of worms for me.

What other rockers are out there that work well for small spaces, are comfortable and are under $300? Please share!


Geek in Heels said...

For a rocker/glider, I would highly recommend one that has cushioned armrests — they're sooo much more comfortable when nursing a baby at 3am. (You also don't have to worry as much about exposed hard surfaces when the baby becomes more active.)

The one that I have is slightly over your budget at $320 ($399 regular price but we used one of the many 20% off coupons available via BRU) but it's VERY comfortable and fairly small compared to other gliders: It glides AND reclines (the bottom part folds open like a La-Z-Boy), and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between this glider and some of the more expensive, $1,000+ gliders. The few times that we experienced minor spills, the liquid beaded up on the micro suede fabric and so the clean-up was quick and painless. The only con is that it's not the best-looking piece of furniture out there (not ugly but very plain), but we've since come to realize that when it comes to the baby comfort trumps looks. Good luck!

Terese said...

oh, the rocker/glider dilemma! i'm due in 6 weeks and still haven't ordered one because i just can't decide. a friend has the eames rocker and loves it, so that's on my list too. good luck!

Anonymous said...

I was sure I would love the Eames rocker, but when I tried it out at Room & Board I found it bizarrely small and not comfortable. I think it is worth finding one to try in person. I wound up finding a rocker at an antique store for much less.

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