Baby K: Week 20

Monday, December 5, 2011

We are finally here: Week 20! Baby K is about halfway through cookin' and about as long as a banana.

On a side note, why do they even have bananas as a "weapon" in Mario Kart? I mean, you can just avoid driving over them. Anyway...

Things have been pretty good right now on the pregnancy front. I have few-to-no "symptoms" these days. I feel really good, I'm eating a lot (yay!) and I feel the baby move more and more each day. Especially after eating candy. Which I, umm, rarely do.

The house is getting more and more settled, which is exciting. The nursery is still a bit of a dumping ground for things that have no home...hopefully we will take care of that soon so that we can actually get a better feel for what the room will be like when a certain someone arrives.

It's been awhile since the last belly shot. Baby K definitely has been growing and I'm finally getting a little bit rounder. Which means the maternity dresses and pants I've bought are just starting to fit. Yay! (on a side note, I thought this outfit "hid" the bump a bit...yeah, not so much)

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Sugar said...

Yay. Half way! Such a cute bump.

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