Baby K: Week 17

Monday, November 14, 2011

This week, Baby K hit week 17! To celebrate, say hello to Mr. Turnip:

Baby K is as heavy as a turnip! Don't let this photo fool you, it's only about 5 ounces.

Week had our second appointment with our midwife this week, and all is well with the baby. His/her heartbeat was strong and we even heard some hiccups! I'm excited that I only gained 3 pounds between appointments, for a total of about 13 pounds so far.

On that note, I am absolutely STARVING these days. Every time I think I'm full, my stomach starts growling again. I'm a bottomless pit. Unfortunately, I am also hitting points of being hungry but not being able to find anything that is appetizing. Frustrating. Oh and I may or may not be finding enjoyment in bread covered with vegan mayonnaise. Don't judge me.

We are in the midst of packing right now because we will (finally!) be moving soon into our new house. So excited!

Belly is growing, growing, growing!

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