A Room for Baby

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When we first started thinking about starting our family, we assumed we would spend 1-2 years in our 2-bedroom condo. So, I've always had our second bedroom in mind when thinking about the nursery. With hardwood floors and plenty of sun, in for me this was the perfect space.

As you can tell, the room is even devoid of clutter, just waiting for a baby!

The door in the upper right hand corner leads out to a wonderful porch! I imagined being able to sit out there with the new baby and enjoy the nice weather.

Now, we're about to move into our new house (in a few short days!!), which is such a blessing I can't even wrap my mind around it! While small (we could have gotten a much bigger condo for the same price, but it's a house, people!), we will have three levels and the opportunity to spread out a bit.

The three bedrooms are even spread out, one on each floor.

The top floor (essentially the attic) is going to be the master bedroom. I don't think there's ever been any debate between us about this, as it wouldn't make a suitable nursery or home office. We anticipate it will get incredibly hot during the summer because it is the attic. Not an ideal place for baby. Or a lot of computer equipment. It's also the largest of the three bedrooms.

When I first saw the bedroom on the main floor, I thought maybe this could work for a nursery. I liked that it had a similar look/feel as the second bedroom in our condo, and there's even a little porch, too!

Unfortunately, we decided this would probably make a better home office for Steve than a nursery. It's directly off of the front door of the house, which means it wouldn't be a very quiet place for baby. And, because Steve meets with clients in our home, it's most convenient for him to have his office on the main level, near where he'll be having meetings.

This, of course, leads us to room number 3. It's downstairs in the basement, and is probably the exact opposite of what I've been thinking when I think of a nursery. No hardwood floors. No big sunny windows. It is, at the end of the day, a basement room.

We worry about it being too cold - we'll see how it is this winter, which will give us plenty of time to figure out any heating/cooling issues with the room before baby arrives.

On the upside, it's right next to a bathroom and really close to the laundry room (rumor has it, babies make a lot of dirty laundry!). And, when Steve is meeting with clients upstairs, baby and I can be downstairs making noise and not disturbing anyone!

So, our challenge is ahead of us: transforming this square, boring basement room into an adorable, inviting and fun space for our little one!


Sugar said...

So excited for you guys. And I think the lack of light and the quiet space is perfect for baby. I am sure you will make it super cute!!

Terese said...

a basement nursery sounds so cozy!

Makes Me Blush said...

It actually sounds perfect, and you guys will definitely be able to make it a nice home for the little one!

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