Nursery: All Starts With a Dresser

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two years ago when I had an extreme case of baby fever, I was reading ohdeedoh like crazy and told myself I would easily know how to design and pull together a gorgeous, modern, bright and cheerful nursery.

So it's not a surprise that in my second month of pregnancy, before we had uttered a word of the baby to anyone but our midwife's office, I had purchased a dresser for the nursery. I happened across an Etsy store called Mint Home, who refinish furniture with a bright, modern aesthetic. Oh, and did I mention they are located in Chicago? Meant to be.

I fell in love with their work. And with a dresser on their site. Knowing that with one-of-a-kind pieces you snooze, you lose, I contacted them about dimensions on the piece. Unfortunately, it just wouldn't work well as a changing table. But, they let me know, they love to do custom pieces. Just give them desired dimensions and a budget, and they would see what they'd find.

So I did just that. I mean, it could take months, right? Wrong. Within two days, they sent me a picture of a dresser they found that they thought would be perfect. It was less than inspiring - a drab old dresser. But I trusted their eye, and the piece would be within our budget and the dimensions were great. I gave the ok, and shared my goal of a mustard yellow dresser as a focal point for the nursery.

A couple of weeks later, the lovely ladies of Mint Home delivered this beautiful piece of furniture to our condo:

Love! It's perfect in every way and ended up being cheaper than any dresser we might buy in a store (with the exception of a basic IKEA dresser).

But, after the fun of finding a dresser, I haven't been quite as sure of myself that I could create an amazing nursery...what I thought would be an easy task has easily become overwhelming.

The next project has been fabric! Who knew fabric could be so intimidating? We've been trying to do a grey, yellow and blue (turquoise? aqua?) color scheme. I've looked at three million different fabrics trying to figure out what shade of blue would work. I finally found an amazing Canadian fabric web site: Tonic Living. There are probably many similar sites in the U.S., but once I found this one I knew I was in a good place. All of the fabric is modern and fun, and there isn't too much on the site to make it overwhelming.

I ordered a bunch of samples and quickly settled on Jessica Jones' Frond. The yellow in real life isn't as gold as pictured, and background is a nice charcoal grey. But where's the blue, you ask? It was next to impossible for me to find a pattern that included a shade of blue that I loved. But...

...I found this fabulous Robert Kaufman cotton in Glacier. While I'd thought I wanted more of an aqua or lighter blue, this fabric is a nice, rich color and works perfectly with the pattern. I like the idea of just pulling in little accents of this blue.

Whew! Seeing it all start to come together (at least in my mind) has become a great relief. I wanted to get the big picture items figured out before I start deciding what little details we'll include in the room and what sewing projects I'll try and tackle.


Megan said...

Love the dresser and the fabric you chose! I've actually had my eye on that line for quite a while -- have you seen the Tulip design in Dusk? It has the same yellow and gray, but also a shade of blue! You've probably seen it (maybe it's not the right shade of blue?), but just thought I'd mention it in case!

Laura said...

Megan: yes, we have a sample of the Tulip at home too :) LOVE it in person! If we end up having a boy, we weren't sure if the tulips were too girly (they're probably the least girly flowers I've seen in fabric, though).

Sugar said...

Love that dresser!! And the fabric.

I am pretty much in love with this line of fabric, which again, I am sure you have seen:

Charlene @ Sweetchic said...

Love it! And thanks for linking Mint Home... their stuff is lovely and so affordable! Definitely bookmarked for future reference ;)

Wailin said...

I'm a long-time lurker (from your Stiletto days) and first-time commenter. I love your color scheme and the dresser! And thanks for introducing me to Mint. I went on their Etsy page and instantly fell in love with a chair there. Great find!

serena said...

Yay! Can't wait to see the finished product! :)

ericabarracaphotography said...

laura! if you wanna see that fabric or an assortment of ONLY awesome fabric in person, definitely check out the needle shop in bucktown. youll be in heaven, i promise.

Jessica R. said...

You have such vision! I'm so jealous that you're able to confidently make a purchase like this dresser. It's going to be fabulous!!! Love the fabric too.

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