The big (gender) reveal...

Friday, December 9, 2011

...will be in April! That's right, when Baby K makes his/her entrance into the world.


Today we had our first ultrasound for Baby K, which was also the big screen where they do all of the measurements to check baby's development. This was a pretty big deal, as it was our very first ultrasound of the entire pregnancy, so we finally got to see the certain someone who has been kicking me so hard lately!

We had already made the decision months ago that we absolutely wanted to find out the gender, but we wanted to keep that news to ourselves. Now that all was revealed during the ultrasound, I realize it's going to be harder than I thought to keep my mouth shut on the topic. Because knowing it and not sharing it feels huge. But we have our reasons.

In college during one of my Gender & Women's Studies classes, a friend and I jokingly decided we wanted to go on a big hospital blanket crusade, handing out green blankets to all newborns, boys and girls alike. We thought that we needed to save all of these babies before gender stereotypes were just foisted on them on the first day of their lives. We were also idealist college students, where we thought we could change the world.

Fast forward to today. I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with going super pink, girly girl or boy baby blue all over the place. I love both! For our baby, however, I'd love for people to think outside of the box a little bit. If they would like to buy us some cute clothes I hope they will think "Is this cute?" instead of "Is this cute for a (insert baby's gender here)?"

So, as I said, it's not easy holding onto this secret...a secret we can talk about inside our home when it's just the two of us. But we are so excited for a happy, healthy baby with two arms, two legs, 10 fingers and 10 toes and we are overwhelmingly excited to share that news with everyone!


nodakademic said...

It never occurred to me to keep the gender to ourselves. It makes a ton of sense too: i always said if I had a baby I'd dress them in what's cute, not what's pink (for a girl) or what's blue (for a boy)--though i probably wouldn't put a boy in a frilly dress, but still. This really forces everyone who might gift you something to consider--like you said--whether it's cute. Not just whether it's for that gender. Awesome!

Jenn@OrangeYouSweet said...

This might sound kind of selfish but it may also force people to buy things for you that you actually need instead of just cute clothes. We considered keeping it a secret but I stink at secrets. :)

Cole said...

There's no way I could keep it a secret so we aren't finding out.
I agree with what Jenn said, I'm hoping people will buy us things we register for rather than just cute clothes. And my friend has talked about throwing us another shower once the baby is here and we know the gender.

LatteLove said...

I totally understand your reasons for not sharing the gender, but I'm curious - why did you guys decide to find out yourselves? I'd never be able to keep it in for 5 months!

Laura said...

Partly, we knew we'd have a great name debate until the baby arrived! We have a girl name we've always loved, but do not agree on boy names. We didn't want the pressure of choosing a name at the hospital!

And, it would be TOO HARD to sit there at the ultrasound and not have them tell us :)

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