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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I've been a bit of a delinquent blogger these days. I'm a few weeks behind on Baby K updates (who is now being referred to as "Peanut" as we're hoping a nickname will help us not reveal the gender accidentally!)...on Thursday I'm hoping to get a post done to recap the past few weeks and show off the rapidly growing bump!

Anyway, this post is all about the crib.

A year or so ago I started to become obsessed with looking at inspiration pictures of nurseries. And of course, I happened across the Oeuf Sparrow in grey. We're most definitely grey people (every wall in our condo was grey, and we have now painted 90% of our house the same), and so it would only make sense that we would one day buy a grey crib.

But the $700-ish price tag seemed like a lot. I know you can spend way more on a crib, but you can also spend way less. I (sadly) crossed the Sparrow off my "future baby purchases" list and moved on.


A minimal, more modern white crib seemed like a better option for us. We'd have more options to consider at our price point. So I started looking at anything under $500.

I found the Babyletto Mercer, which seemed like a good fit for us. It's not oversized and just under $400. Reviews overall seemed good. But the two-tone just isn't our style.


Babyletto also makes the Mercer with a drawer at the bottom. It is also around $400 and the reviews are good. The drawer would give us some extra storage, which is much needed. However, until recently I could only find it in the two-tone combo. Finally there's an all-white option!

So, I thought this is the direction we'd end up going in. Affordable, good reviews, minimal, white.

And then, my crib finding world was rocked when I found the Baby Mod Modena in grey! Modern, minimal, grey and $200! And fabulous reviews!


Sold exclusively at Wal-Mart (which, to be honest, is not my favorite store), I was skeptical but ended up being impressed the more I read about it. Great reviews - both on the site by parents and on a variety of blogs. I love the look of it and the price can't be beat. We'd finally found our crib! I was so excited to order it.

And then, we painted the nursery. Grey. And with such a small space, adding a big grey piece of furniture would be totally overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that it would be highly unlikely that the two shades of grey would match, and I'd have no way of knowing how they looked together until the crib arrived. Humph.

Sadly, I had to walk away from my perfectly designed and perfectly affordable grey crib that I thought I just had to have. But that didn't mean I had to walk away from the Modena completely. It also comes in navy, brown and...white!

So last Friday I ordered the Modena in white (and, as I had just signed up for Ebates, I earned $9.95 off of the purchase!). It shipped so quickly that it arrived on Monday and Steve put it together that night!

The crib search for our little Peanut is done and done and our nursery is slowly started to come together!


Brandi said...

I had no idea cribs were so expensive! Love the one you decided on though... and who knew you'd find such a cute and well reviewed one at Walmart!

Yin said...

Great choice! I love the white crib with the gray walls. Little Peanut is a very lucky baby to be sleeping in style.

I did extensive research on cribs as well, and I went with the Baby Mod Olivia (almost identical to the Mercer with different shaped legs) from Walmart. I wanted a crib made of wood with non-toxic stain. I found a lot of cribs made with MDF (including a Pottery Barn one I saw at the outlet). Here's the extra bonus of getting a Baby Mod crib -- it is made by the same manufacturer as Babyletto but for a fraction of the cost! They are both under the parent Million Dollar Baby company, and they make quality cribs.

BigAppleNosh said...

Awww, love it!! :)

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