Baby K: Weeks 21, 22, 23

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time has certainly flown by! The past few weeks have been crazy with finishing up house projects (including painting everything!), work, and preparing to host Christmas.

In the meantime, our little Peanut has not slowed down in growing... long as a carrot in week 21...

{source} long as a spaghetti squash in week 22...


...and at week 23 weighs as much as a mango (just over a pound)!

Overall, I've been feeling absolutely wonderful! I have no major cravings for anything but do have intense hunger ALL THE TIME. No food aversions. No real heartburn or indigestion. I'm tired but not any more tired than I think I normally am in the winter. Feeling great has been an extra blessing, as we've been so busy lately!

And, so many wonderful things have been happening. We bought our crib, had our first ultrasound and found out Peanut's gender, and have been feeling and seeing so many baby kicks! Peanut is a crazy kicker, loving it when I settle into bed to read at night - that's apparently the best time to play. Steve has finally been able to feel a bunch of kicks and we've both finally seen the little one move my belly like crazy. Loving it!

I also made my first Zulily purchases and bought my first box from thredUP. Fun buying some things for Peanut, even though I'm sure we will get plenty of clothes as gifts. My thredUP box was jam packed full of great things - loved it!

We are finally getting back on track with belly shots. My oh my how the belly has grown! I'm finally able to wear the maternity dresses I'd bought a few months back (I liked to be prepared for any fashion need) as I can finally fill them out. I never thought I'd be excited about a bigger belly!

And, just for fun I made Steve take a picture of me making a heart over Peanut!

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