Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Color me obsessed with fall right now. I have no doubts that Chicago with throw me at least one or two more curveballs with 80-degree days before fall is officially here to stay. And of course Steve and I have that week in California coming up later this month, where I'm sure we'll experience less than fall-like weather.

But still, I'm going to continue to daydream about lovely fall clothes. I've already picked up a couple of a new pair of jeans and that lovely plaid dress from Gap, my fun dresses, sweaters and jeans from J. Crew (all of which fit like a glove!), and a couple of pairs of velvety flats.

What I can't stop thinking about, however, are boots! I desperately want a pair of black riding boots. I thought I wanted just a pair that hit at the knee. That is, until, I laid my eyes on these babies from Ann Taylor Loft yesterday and I had to wipe the drool off of my keyboard.

I would buy them in black.

However, so you get the full effect, here's the model sporting them in brown (which I love, too, but I have more of a need for black right now).

I'll be honest, boots that high might make me look like a midget. Or, they might make me look AMAZING. I think others must agree that they make you look amazing, because they're practically sold out in both colors! So, even if I could afford them (which, for the record, I cannot - $198 on boots is not in the budget, oy), I wouldn't be able to purchase them in my size anyway. Boo to that.

But ever since I've seen these babies, I have been obsessed with them or finding something like them. Unfortunately, any boot that seems comparable but is in my budget (re: $80-$100) looks like a cheap ole' heap of fake leather that will probably make me look like a street walker.

Please tell me you've seen the most amazing boots like those pictured above that I can actually afford. And please tell me where to get them!


Marissa said...

I was eyeing that same pair in brown! At 5'1", I'm not so sure the look will work for me. Plus, it never gets cold enough in Miami. Sigh.

Good luck with the search! :o)

Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

If someone tells you where to find great $80-100 boots, please tell me!! I too would never think of spending $198 on boots but can never seem to find anything acceptable in the lower range.

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