Boot Fate

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Remember my last post about those fabulous Ann Taylor Loft boots? After I wrote the post I was emailing with Best Friend D. I knew she had bought an awesome pair of over the knee boots last year, so I asked her for the brand. She told me they were Apepazza and she loved them. So I Googled around. And then I found the beautiful Apepazza "Cagliari" all over the place. Zappos priced them at $283 and the prices just went up from there on various sites.

Umm, no thank you. Lovely but not in my price range. Until I saw a picture of them on Google Shopping for $138.90 on Nordstrom. Yes, please! I clicked over and just saw that they were brown and they only had a size 7.5. I wanted black and size 8. Until I looked more closely...the picture showed brown, but the listing said black. Woo! I gambled on the 7.5 working for me and placed the order immediately. At 50% off, my friends, it was worth the gamble!

They came in at around $160 for tax and 2-day shipping, which is more than I initially wanted to spend but I knew I was getting a quality pair of boots for a great deal. They arrived today and I am in love. The side view is amazing. They're tall but not too tall.

The leather is very soft and feels expensive. Even though they're a half size smaller than my usual size, they fit perfectly. And I feel like, unlike many other boots, I could walk all over in these.

Now, don't get too excited. I'm pretty sure I snagged one of the last pairs at this price - Nordstrom doesn't even have this style listed on their web site anymore.

It was a complete fluke that I found out about this brand right when Nordstrom had this boot on super sale. This, my friends, is what I now like to call boot fate. Weeks of searching led me to the perfect pair at the right time!

Now, I've safely tucked these babies away in the special storage bag they came with, just waiting for the perfectly chilly fall day.


Marissa said...

Yeah! Laura, they're gorgeous and obviously meant specifically for you! I'm so glad that the great boot search ended successfully (and at a steal!). :o)

BigAppleNosh said...

They look great! Nice find!

Valerie said...

Great boots! I love flat boots. Did you make it back for the 10 year?

Kimberly Michelle said...

Great find! I'm still lusting after a pair of over the knee boots... if I can find any that will actually end up over my knee!

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