In with a pig, out with a pig

Monday, August 2, 2010

July has flown by, and I have absolutely loved every minute of my daily blogging challenge! I've learned to be more spontaneous with my posts and think about my life in different ways: what's interesting, what's happening, and what I want to chronicle.

I'm proud to say over the course of the month, I blogged 28 times in 31 days! Those few days that I missed were due to coordinating weddings and just not being able to make posts happen....working two jobs can get hectic! But overall, I'm very proud to say I posted that much.

The most exciting outcome of the past month was finding out I have readers all of the country that I never even knew about! Thank you all for reading, commenting and sharing stories with me...I'm not always the best at returning the comments on your blogs, but I try *very* hard and my new challenge is to get even better! I do definitely blog stalk though, even if I'm not commenting!

And finally, over the month my traffic went up by 123%! I don't think you can pay too close of attention to traffic, but it was exciting to see the numbers shooting up and up.

While I don't think I can maintain the "blog every day" mindset, I plan on keeping up a regular presence with stories to share, baking successes (and disasters, like this weekend!), and a lot of fun in between.

Since we started off the challenge with a pig, I'm sure you were dying to see August's pig..this month, playful pigs are going to the opera.

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BigAppleNosh said...

Quite an accomplishment! And thanks for the pig pic :)

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