P90X worth $139.80?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Post-wedding has meant a little extra poundage around my mid-section. Ugh. I worked SO HARD to make this go away that seeing the pounds creep back on is very frustrating. I'm not at the "OMG my pants won't button" phase...yet...but I need to be proactive so this won't happen.

So...P90X - is it worth it?

More and more people seem to be taking the P90X challenge. But at $149.80 on Amazon, is it worth shelling out the cash for?

My biggest hesitation is the fact that we live in a condo and have neighbors below us who don't seem to enjoy it when I do work out routines that involve a lot of jumping. Hmph. So if a lot of these workouts ask me to skip/hop/jump/run in place, I simply can't do it for fear of a broom stick being banged into our floor/their ceiling.

So, has P90X helped to give you a beach body?!


Nani said...

I have this program and have yet to try it. -___- But I also didn't pay for it so that might be why. I think if I shelled out the cash myself I would be using every cent of it. Maybe it's something to try? I say go for it, I have heard AWESOME stories about it from friends who have used it so it does it's job. I also heard that it's super intense maybe start with the P90 regular?

Kelly said...

YES! Yes yes yes, absolutely. Its difficult, don't get me wrong, but its an incredible workout plan. It also comes with a meal plan and cookbook, and all of the recipes are freakin delicious. I live in NYC, and the downstairs neighbor was my fear too (she is miserable...) There are a few of the workouts that involve some jumping, but most of them do not. The ones that do, I hopped on my yoga mat and on the carpeted area and haven't had a complaint yet. It also teaches you to use the balls of your feet to hop around and stay light. The warmups to each workout are basic jog in place and jumping jacks, so I just warm up on my own for those and go into the workout =o)

Check eBay for it as well. I got mine there for like 80 or 90 I think? Also, you don't need ALL of the equipment. Some resistance bands and a yoga mat are really it until you get into phase 3 and then might need to amp it up. I ended up buying some small 3 and 5lb weights for the boxing one. The pushup bars are completely unnecessary. Some workouts do call for a pull-up bar. You can get one of the ones that goes in your doorframe, but they also show how to do those exercises with the resistance bands. You just need an anchor to mount high enough to put it on (I have to do this as our doors are SUPER wide and no bars fit in them)

When I had just decided to order it, I came across this post on Pantomime Papers that finally got me ready. Its such a great resource, definitely read this


Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions =o) The post above will answer a ton of them Im sure

Layla said...

I totally think it's worth it, but I paid $50 for it on Ebay. I just couldn't bring myself to pay more than that.

BigAppleNosh said...

I'd be interested in hearing about this if you decide to go with it. I've lazed out since I got married and I need to get back into shape pronto!

Scout798 said...

Yeah ... everyone at my last job was on it and it showed ... if I had 90 minutes near a tv with enough room ... I'd be all over it!

Soltan said...

I think the 90 refers to the days it takes to get in shape, not 90 minute workouts. I've been interested in trying p90x too.

MERgetsMRSed said...

It's HARD. I wasn't ready to do it, so I burnt out on it easily and didn't see good results. It does involve a lot of jumping and moving around!

I always seem to come back to the Firm. They have lots of different dvds and they are a lot of fun!

Natalie said...

great workout program (i pick and choose among the videos tho) but try to buy a used copy from someone. i think $140 is pretty steep for it!

Laura said...

Thank you everyone for your feedback and comments! While I was still debating, Steve went ahead and picked P90X up on Ebay (thanks for those who suggested Ebay!) for around $80 and we should have it any day :)

I plan on taking "before" and "after" pictures, but only if the "after" is AMAZING. We'll see :) But I'll definitely let you know how it goes!

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