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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fabulous Tacos!

Let me begin this post by giving you a little background about where Steve and I live. We're on the northwest side of Chicago in a neighborhood known for its diversity...Middle Eastern, Korean, Mexican, you name it. You can get a falafel on one corner and Korean chicken wings on the next.

So when a new taco joint called Taco Chino opened, we were disappointed to hear that the food was only so-so. Until, that is, they started advertising Korean tacos. Yes, you heard me correctly. Behold:

Ok, ok, so it just looks like a regular old taco. But pictured above is actually the Kimchi Taco and features pork and Korean flavors, including kimchi. I've never had any desire to eat kimchi by itself, but chopped up on the taco it was quite good!

They also do a Taco Koreano which is either marinated chicken or beef. Steve says it's basically like bulgogi. I really enjoyed this taco (I got the beef, although I hear the chicken is supposed to be better), but Steve prefers the kimchi. Sorry no pictures of the Koreano - I devoured it before I could snap a shot.

Oh and did I mention they're cheap?! I got 5 tacos for around $12. Sweet. Hopefully the prices don't go up when this place gets its 15 minutes of fame - Andrew Zimmern of the show "Bizarre Foods" on the Travel Channel recently filmed here.

So, would you put kimchi on a taco?


Nani said...

heck yes! I love Kimchi. Now I have a reason to visit Chi town. I'm getting hungry.

Anonymous said...

I'm Korean — I put kimchi on everything, including pizza (and I swear that kimchi on plain cheese pizza tastes good!)

BigAppleNosh said...

I need to try this!!!

lavenderpug said...

sounds delish! i would put kimchi on anything, so i'm a fan!

Scout798 said...

Um ... totally! I actually dug it out of a fridge to put on my burger last weekend ... topped it all off with a over-meduim fried egg on an english muffin bun! Was FABulous!

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