Cute Animal Friday

Friday, July 9, 2010

What's better on a Friday than cute pictures of animals? Well, other than cake...I'd gladly take some cake over a picture of a puppy. Anyway. In lieu of cake I have some pretty stinkin' cute animal pictures to share.

Cute Animal #1:

For Christmas I always like to give Steve at least one gift that is some sort of charitable donation. I started this tradition our first Christmas together by adopting a penguin in his name at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Why a penguin? Steve loves them.

Not only do you get the warm fuzzies on the inside that you helped a penguin, but you get the warm fuzzies on the outside because they give you your very own penguin stuffed animal. We named ours Bertrand.

A couple of months ago my parents came to visit, and we went to, where else, the Lincoln Park Zoo. Steve couldn't join us, but I made sure to take a picture of the penguin I believed to be Bertrand. He may have been playing coy by completely ignoring me, but I'm sure deep down inside he was happy to see me.

Cute Animal #2:

Yes, of course I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to post yet another picture of Charlie on the blog. But really, can you blame me?!

Steve and Charlie went for a run together this morning. It's best that they go for runs when I'm not around because it's completely unfair that I still can't run. My stupid stress fracture in my right foot from A MONTH AGO is still hurting every now and then from using the elliptical at the gym. And if I can't elliptical pain-free, then I most likely can't run either. Sad face.

Anyway, the best way to get some peace and quiet during the day is to take Charlie for a run, as he looks like this after:

I'm sure he'll be snoozing for the rest of the day.

Happy Friday!

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