P90X: Workouts & Cheese

Monday, July 19, 2010

Right after I blogged this post about P90X, Steve went ahead and bought the dvd's and the stretchy weird bungee bands that you use during the workouts. He went with the advice many of you left and purchases the dvd's off of eBay at a considerable deal, and the bands off of Amazon. Fortunately, our condo came with a pull up bar and we already have 3 sets of free weights (3 lb, 5 lb, 8lb), so we didn't have to buy anything else.

The first two workouts we did (arms and then chest/shoulders) were kind of meh for me. Steve had great workouts, can do regular pushups and all of the fancy ones they throw in...I'm still doing the modified girly pushups on my knees, so I struggled to keep up. One day, I promise myself I will be strong. Grrr!

Anyway, I did what I could of the workouts, and enjoyed the modifications to the chest/shoulders workout: instead of doing traditional chin ups and pull ups, you can loop a bungee cord around the pull up bar, sit on the floor and do the moves from this modified position. I highly recommend, especially if you're more likely to learn how to fly than do a pull up at this point in time.

Then, yesterday, we did the core workout (note: we are not following the actual program at all...oops). It was an intense, awesome hour long workout and I could do pretty much every single exercise.

I'll let you know as we continue if my beach body every decides to show its face, but on a side note, does anyone else thing that Tony Horton is a major cheeseball, even by workout video standards?! I'm never sure whether to laugh or be horribly annoyed, but I think this picture pretty much sums up Tony:


Nani said...

hahah that is a common complaint nearly everyone i know who does this video wants to mute the video or turn him off because he is so cheesy. Oh well, I cannot wait to see more from you on this

Kelly said...

Im glad you decided to go with it! Keep an eye on your progress and take consistent photos. I ended up needing to do more cardio than weights (I kind of adapted and did half the regular program and half "lite" version) because my body gains muscle very rapidly. So I was gaining muscle faster than losing the fat that was on top of it. Once I made the adjustments though, it was all good. Also, I couldnt eat the full calories suggested for my body, it was about 400 too many a day for me. You're going to love it

Oh yeah, and Tony is a huge cheeseball. I have to mute him and play music at times. Drea (I think thats her name?) bothers me too...she gets worse in the second tier of workouts.

Morgan said...

Oh man, Tony Horton is such a cheese! I was doing the P90 for a couple months (since it's only 35-45 mins a day, I didn't have time for the P90X), and man, his silly comments got old quick. I had to swap in some 30 Day Shred, to balance the annoying work out video people. Is it a requirement that they have to be either a cheeseball or annoying?

BigAppleNosh said...

Keep at it! I want to hear more about it :)

Kate said...

I'm so glad to see your feed back, I've been going back and forth in buying the dvds, but i also can't bring myself to shred again (I think I hit a lifetime shred quota with all the workouts I did before the wedding!) But I'm interested to see what you think of this bc I feel like people either love it or are done with it very quickly! Good luck!

Laura said...

After 2 weeks of P90X (again, not following the full program, just doing the workouts)...it's crazy but I already feel a lot stronger! But, I feel a lot of pain too :)

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