Free Sample Spotlight

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At least once a week, I get free samples while walking to or from work. My office is located right by Union Station in downtown Chicago, and apparently that is prime free sample real estate. They give out everything from kettle corn to dog treats and everything in between. So what better than to regularly feature my free goodies?

Yesterday's sample: Larabar Cashew Cookies

I got two of these bite sized fruit and nut treats. The verdict? Free sample or no, I won't be purchasing these energy bars any time soon. Because, well, they tasted like energy bars, blech. I wasn't a fan. But thanks, Larabar, for the freebie!


ericabarracaphotography said...

oh man, lara bars are so good! try others! they are all natural and made from nuts and dates - no fillers. really good for you.

Kelly said...

I agree, they are delicious! Try Peanut Butter Cookie, the chocolate Mole, cherry pie, etc. Some are DELICIOUS!

Scout798 said...

My sister in law introduced me ... and yeah, the Cashew Cookie isn't my favorite ... try the Peanut Butter and Jelly ... or the Lemon. Those are my two new go-tos ... perfect for breakfast!

colleen said...

I love these bars!! They are especially wonderful given the complete lack of ingrediants! The cherry pie one has like "cashews, dates, dried cherries," done! My Fiancee is allergic to soy which is found in almost every other bar so these are really great for us!

Natalie said...

aww i love larabars, though it took a bit of getting used to! i'll take any that come your way and you don't want ;)

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