Dyeing & Deviling Over the Weekend

Monday, April 5, 2010

This year we went all out for Easter...for our first 3 years together, we followed a tradition of making pizza and watching The Godfather. Yes, we are that cool.

Well, this year we decided to mix it up a bit and go crazy...we made pizza, dyed Easter eggs, and watched the feel good flick The Blind Side. Steve had never ever dyed eggs before, so it was fun showing him the ropes - you know, mixing the dye together, using the egg dipper, the magic of the white crayon.

While I mixed up the pizza dough, Steve went to town on the eggs. For a rookie, he didn't do so bad, although you'll notice he had an odd fascination with the pink dye.

Here's our kitty basil. It's rather lifelike - she does have whiskers and ears.

Also, what's Easter without a little "thug life"? I think the pink really softens up the message.

And, finally, the "Koo" egg! I'm glad our last name is short...would be hard to scrawl something like Featherstonehaugh with that messy crayon (yes, I Googled it, and Featherstonehaugh is the longest English surname...so there ya go).

Since Steve did the dyeing on Saturday night, I did the deviling on Sunday. Mwah ha ha. Deviling. I saw a lot of people on Facebook struggling with their deviled eggs, but I thought it was super simple and extra delicious.

I made mine pretty straightforward - Dijon, salt, pepper, a sprinkle of paprika and a very special ingredient...

Vegenaise! Steve started buying this from Whole Foods a little while back and it tastes just like the real thing but with half the fat. Score! I like to think that the Vegenaise made it a-o-k that I ate like 11 deviled eggs yesterday.

I hope you had an extra special wonderful Easter...did you start any new traditions this year?


kooky said...

Mmmm, deviled eggs.

M.M.R. said...

I think I'm going to follow your lead and buy some Vegenaise! Great way to spend Easter! I miss dying eggs. Glad you two had the chance to :)

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