Wowza...The Chicago Bridal Market

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ok, so maybe I just said my official farewell last week, but I'm so excited to pop back in and share some dress yumminess!

Mrs. Powderpuff shared her favorites from the Chicago Bridal Market this past Sunday...from the sheer amount of dresses that drooled over, it was fun seeing what dresses she picked out as favorites compared to what I wanted to share! There literally was a dress there to fit every style, from blingy and modern to lacey and romantic. Thank you, Kate and Catherine from Project Wedding for letting us spend the day with you!

So, let's get going. We'll start with the pretty and end with the OMG WOW.

This gorgeous dress was probably one of the standouts from the Watters & Watters show. It's simple yet detailed with small tiers coming down the dress at an angle. I love seeing dresses that have no beading or lace, but still give you some wonderful detail.

I simply loved everything by Liz Fields. Her style is very fun yet sophisticated and she's really thinking about functionality as well. Mrs. Powderpuff posted about a bridal gown by Liz Fields that went from long to short...but never fear, bridesmaids, there's one for you as well!

This fabulous dress can be formal for the ceremony...

...and fun 'n' sassy for the reception! Genius.

Liz Fields also did this amazing petal gown. This is 100% the dress that I would buy if I was shopping again. It pulls in that fabulous vintage feel, but compared to other dresses I saw at the show of a similar style, it's not so huge that you can't make your way around the dance floor in it! Swoon.

When we saw the new line Alyne by Rivini, I loved how crisp, clean and fun everything felt.

This dress covered in petals is so fun!

Again, I love it when designers can pull in detail in unique ways.

And, of course, I needed to include this dress - it so reminds me of my wedding dress with the tiers cascading down it! Of course, the top of my dress wasn't as ooh la la as this, but I'd be willing to take this dress for a spin!

Steven Birnbaum was another wonderful designer that I'm so excited to have discovered! A lot of his pieces felt very 60s mod (well, to me, anyway...I'm no fashion expert, but I did see that episode of America's Next Top Model where Twiggy told the girls about Mod style!).

Not only did this dress have a great detailed fabric, but the shape of the dress is really unique.

And, finally, the showstopper of the day for me! While the beautiful Liz Fields dress I showed above is what I would have loved for my own wedding, this to me is almost the fantasy version of that dress. Are you saying "OMG wow!" yet? If not, then don't worry...I'm saying it enough for both of us!

It so much fun escaping back into the dress world for a few hours. While I loved my own dress very, very's still exciting to think about what might have been.

Oh, and ladies...if you want pockets, never fear - designers are listening! Dress after dress came down the runway sporting fabulous pockets.

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