iPad + Meatballs = ?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Steve was very nonchalant about Apple's new iPad that just came out. He said he would just wait for the second generation iPad to be released, as first generation Apple products always have kinks that they need to work out. I thought this was odd since he is usually all over a new Apple gizmo.

All he had to do was touch the screen once and he was smitten. He had to have one. After 2 straight days of his iPad chitter chatter I finally told him to go ahead and get one...I just couldn't handle anymore pad talk! Hee. I'd like to think that my approval of the purchase meant something, but he would probably have just gone out and bought one anyway.

After his wonderful day of picking one of these babies up, he told me he had a surprise for me when I got home from work. An iPad for me?!

Nope. A big bag of frozen meatballs. Yes, you heard me correctly. The "buy an iPad trip in the suburbs to save on sales tax" trip was originally an IKEA trip to pick up a few things we needed. I always tell him how much I love the Swedish meatballs at IKEA...but I just like eating at IKEA, not necessarily eating IKEA at home.

While not quite an iPad, I took my bag of frozen pre-cooked balls...or K├Âttbullar for you Swedes out there...

...and cooked them up for dinner last night. Traditionally they serve them with some noodles and sauce. I went ghetto and just threw them on a plate sans adornment. Meatballs au naturel if you will.

I'll admit it, the meatballs were tasty and satisfying. Not quite a new tech toy, but I'm sure when iPad: The Second Generation is released, Steve will upgrade and this first one will be allllll mine!


Amy said...

Bwahahaha...he must have thought a way to a woman's heart is with food (when it's actually the other way around). My husband hasn't caught the iPad bug yet, thank goodness. :)

Charlene @ Sweetchic said...

Uhm, yea, he told me earlier, "Laura let me get an ipad and so I got her swedish meatballs."

Laura said...

My husband is nothing less than romantic :) The meatballs were good, though.

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