Sadie at 13 & 14 Months

Friday, June 28, 2013

We officially have a walker on our hands! At about 12.5 months Sadie took her first independent steps and she's been "go go go" ever since! Which means we've been "go go go" right along with her. It has been especially exciting to see her become more sure of herself. At first she was very hesitant to walk in public (on the sidewalk, at the park) - she always wanted to hold our hands. After about a month of walking she has gotten more and more confident in herself and now refuses to hold our hands when we're outside!
She's such a big girl with an infectious smile and loves saying "hi" to everyone she sees outside (although her timing is often off and she'll say "hi" after they've passed us by).
Nicknames: Say-Say, Sade, Say, Boo
Temperament: Still very happy and smiley, but very determined to have things go your way. If we pick you up without asking you "up" first, you are not a happy camper! You're listening to us and watching us very closely, especially when you go near something you're not supposed to (and say "no no" to yourself as you do it!).
Things I Could Do Without: The occasional epic meltdowns where you arch your back and try and wriggle out my arms. It's not fun for either one of us!
Item/Toy We Love The Most: Definitely your stroller. It's great that we can get out again with the nicer weather. You just kick back and relax in your stroller! And I love that we can give you snacks and a sippy cup while we go for walks.
Item/Toy You Love The Most: Your play pots and pans - you could play with those for hours. In truth, you are happy to play with the silliest things long periods of time - one day you played with your winter hat for an hour!
Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: Sharing food with you! It's so great to be able to share a smoothie or pancakes or really anything with you. You're eager to try new foods and usually want what I have.
Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: Walking. Everywhere. And you're fast!! You love running away from us so that we have to chase you. You're also getting really good at climbing the stairs, which is exciting and scary (for me). Oh, and of course: lights! You love pointing out the lights in a room and switching them on and off.
Sounds/Words: All kinds of words. You repeat after us all day long. You are also getting really good at sign language, and say the words while you sing: please, more, water (waa waa), milk, all done. It is so cute and so much fun that you really communicate with us about what you want!
Foods You Like: You love absolutely everything, especially green veggies. You could eat broccoli all day long! You love fruits, fruit smoothies, beef stew, Indian lentil stew...pretty much anything we put in front of you is devoured in seconds!


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