Fall and Christmas Craft Projects!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Toward the end of my pregnancy, I packed away my sewing machine and supplies. I made sure I wrapped up any projects a couple of weeks before Sadie was due, partly because I was getting too big and uncomfortable to sit and sew and partly because I didn't want to go into labor early and have sewing stuff and unfinished projects sitting around.

Now that I'm starting to feel more like my old self again (slightly more energy, fitting into old clothes, thinking of more things beyond laundry and breastfeeding), my mind has been going a mile a minute with projects I want to do! I thought I'd share a roundup of what I plan to work on over the coming weeks; here's hoping I actually get some of these projects done!

Waterproof Bibs
I have a lot of colorful, fun cotton fabric that I've been wanting a project for. I also have a baby drooling a lot while she eats solids and making a mess. The cloth bibs soak right through and the drool just runs off the wipeable bibs. So I love this waterproof bib tutorial from Our Little Beehive. I've bought everything else I need to make these (flannel and PUL fabric) and I'm so excited!

One of my favorite soon-to-be-a-bib fabric is Ann Kelle's "Argyle Bright."

Christmas Stockings
Now that Sadie's first Christmas is coming up I'm excited for us all to have matching Christmas stockings to use each year. I found this simple pattern and tutorial from About.com and made my first stocking with some fabric I had on hand. It was super simple! This one isn't perfect (the first time I make something it rarely ever goes quite as planned), so this one will be for the dog and the other three will be for me, Sadie and Steve!

Top Secret Project!
I have a super special project in the works for Miss Sadie. If all goes as planned I will be trying to make similar ones for friends who've recently had little girls. Excited to share at a later date (you know, if I don't totally mess up the project!).

I want Sadie to have a "first Christmas" ornament for the tree. I thought about buying something through Etsy that's personalized, but part of me doesn't want to spend the money and the other part of me thinks it would be so fun to make something. I found this tutorial through Homemade Grits and it's perfect. I've made a "salt dough" like this before and it's really easy. Plus I love the thought of preserving Sadie's itty bitty hand print (and maybe I'll make two - one hand print and one foot print!). It'll be something we're sort of doing together and could be an easy tradition to do a different ornament together each year.

Flannel Sheet
It's cold out! So, of course, Sadie needs a flannel sheet for her crib. Especially because her room is in the basement. I made all of the sheets we currently use through the Bundles of Love tutorial.So, I bought some flannel fabric (after looking at every single flannel I could find to find just the perfect fabric!) and I'm excited to make Sadie's crib a little cozier. It will soon be stylin' with big polka dots!

I'm excited to get a lot of these projects underway, but it is terribly hard to find the energy at the end of the day. And, of course, Sadie tends to not nap well on the weekends when she's with me. Her short and sweet 30 minute naps don't give me a lot of time to work on project! 

What projects are you hoping to get done over the next couple of months? And, how do you find the time?!


Kristin ~ Bien Living Design said...

I love this post! I feel like you did all of the research on things I've been meaning to do, but just haven't done!

Love the idea of making bibs. Hadley is a crazy spitter-upper, so a bib every day is a must! I'm starting to realize that the bib is the most important part of the outfit b/c it covers up her cutie pie clothes! I didn't even think of making my own :)

I saw this ornament idea and thought I'd pass it along as well. http://www.asortafairytaleblog.com/2010/12/diy-babys-1st-christmas-ornament.html

I do love the dough handprint, but I wonder how many years that will hold up & not fall apart??

Laura said...

Thanks, Kristin! I saw that ornament too. I thought I'd try the one I found because I have everything I need at home to do it :) I wondered about how long it would hold up for - I'm hoping to shellac it in some way so that it would be sealed. Maybe that will work?!

My mind in spinning with all of these projects, but then of course at night I'm exhausted, ha! But I got the stockings all cut out last night and they're quick to make so we'll see how it goes.

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