Fancy NYC Dinner - What to Wear?!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Steve and I are heading to the 'Big Apple' on Thursday - weee! Remember the swank hotel we got through Jetsetter?!

I'm so very excited for my first trip to NYC, so I've been catching up on old Sex & the City episodes to ensure I'm fully prepared. However, since the fashions in SATC are circa 2004 or earlier and they shop at Gucci and Prada while I frequent the Gap, I'm struggling on what to wear when Steve and I go to our fancy schmancy dinner at Daniel on Saturday night (I'll wait right here while you click on over to Daniel's web site and drool over the amazing cuisine).

Now that you've gotten your fill of food p*rn, we can move on.

So I bought this Rachel Roy dress last spring and it has been my go to dress for the summer when Steve and I get dressed up for dinner or we go to an event (which is rare since we're usually working separate weddings!). The material is a little lightweight, but the weather for NYC isn't looking super cold, and I was planning on pairing it with black tights (if needed) and nude pumps.


Thoughts? Is this good enough for a big date night out in NYC? Well, really, it kind of has to since I don't have a lot of other options sitting in my closet right now (far more work dresses than fun dresses at the moment), but I still welcome any and all comments!

I can't believe we'll be there in just 2 days! After all of Steve's photo shoots are done (the main reason for the trip), we'll have just one full day to really see the sights. Any "must see's" we should add to our list?


BigAppleNosh said...

The service at Daniel is just impeccable - have a great time!! :) I wore a gray shift dress when I went, so I think your Rachel Roy is perfect. :)

As for "must sees" I'm a big fan of food (as you know) :), but walking up 5th Ave around Central Park is a very touristy thing that's great for sight-seeing, and the Village and lower Manhattan are great for a little less touristy experiences :)

Naomi said...

I think the dress is great. Just pair it with some fantastic jewelry and that automatically dresses it up and makes it appropriate.

I'd love to visit NYC. Sounds like you'll have a great time.

nellie said...

That dress is perfect! I'm sure you know this already, but make sure Steve has a jacket for Daniel and keeps it on throughout service. Chad was pounced on when he attempted to take off his jacket despite the 90 degree July heat.

I would definitely check out Grand Central Station as well. It's really beautiful and quick to stroll through. Definitely Central Park. There are a lot of new food-centric places like Chelsea Market and Eataly. An interesting view of the city could be caught by walking the Highline.

Sugar said...

I am no fashionista, but I think that dress with tights and fun pumps would look awesome. I am just jealous that you get to go to Daniels.

Anonymous said...

The dress is great. How about some fun lipstick for the city life? So envious of the dinner spot.

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