Getting Jet Set, Booyah!

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm not sure booyah fits in with my usual lingo, but I have to say I'm pretty friggin' excited about our upcoming trips! Steve and I have the opportunity to do some traveling over the next 6 months or so and we're starting to plan out some of the details right now. One of our trips is New York City in November, and I've never been before! I'm an NYC virgin.

Anyway, we started looking at hotels and realized that they cost like a million dollars a night for non-craphole places. So we found a Hilton that seemed ok, had decent reviews and a somewhat fine location (according to my friend Serena, there is a great cupcake place by it). This hotel was doable for our budget.

And THEN I got an email from Jetsetter showing their upcoming sales. I normally delete these because looking at exotic locations can be depressing when you know there's no chance you're going to any of them in the near future. Jetsetter is in the same family as Gilt Groupe but instead of good deals on cashmere, you can swing a few nights at a swank hotel for an extremely good deal.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, so this week they had a deal on The Royalton in New York. So we checked it out, compared pricing, and saw that it would still be a few hundred dollars more for us to stay here than the practical place we found. But then we started comparing locations and drooling over the hotel web site, and said screw it and booked. Wheee!

Normally, the room we're staying in would be $499/night plus taxes. So for the 4 nights we're going to be there, it would be $2,300. Through Jetsetter, we'll be staying there for $1,600! Still a chunk o' change, but look at this place:


See, pretty swanky right?! We've always gone budgety budgety budgety with hotels, so we decided to have the full NYC experience and stay somewhere fantastic.

Thank you, Jetsetter! I was never sure why I signed up for you, but now I've learned to sign up for everything and one day you'll need it.

Have you had any exciting travel splurges recently?


Valerie said...

You will absolutely love New York! I had the opportunity to live there for 3 months in 2005 and absolutely loved it. My place was one block from Carnegie Hall and one block from Central Park. There is/was a Russian restaurant on the corner that is great if you catch it during a Price Fix dinner. Ideal location plus it was just around the corner from the Subway. Made for an easy commute to the finacial district. My gf Shelly and I are headed there on Monday. It will be her first visit. Trying to pack as much possible into one day. Some of my favorite places included The Burger Joint, Big Mamas, Serendipity, Chelsea Market, and Union Square Market (might be limited due to the weather). You will of course also have to check out Chinatown for all your Christmas gifts and Little Italy for the food and other wonderful Christmas gifts. Junior's just opened a restaurant in Grand Central Station so you won't have to venture to Brooklyn if you run out of time. Pack a lunch at Columbus Circle and head to one of the lakes in Central Park. There are great skyline views of the city and it is romantic. And you will have to catch a show. Take a walk down 5th Avenue just to storefront browse. The window displays are out of this world. Okay - I am sure you will do plenty of research but just had to share. If I could live there again, but have my current house, dogs, yard and so on I would. Enjoy and bring your walking shoes! Based on your dealings with commuters in Chicago you will be set.

Nani said...

Haven't booked anything yet but we have a winter trip set for NYC this December! I popped my husbands NYC cherry when I took him for his birthday so this will be his second trip and our daughters first. We plan to rent a condo this time around instead of a hotel but if I would have saw that deal on jetsetter I would have been all over it! I have just recently got into that site as well and I am hooked. I have set up a few alerts so that if anything good comes up I am ready!

BigAppleNosh said...

Yay!!! First, thanks for the shoutout. ;) Second, the hotel looks AWESOME! And it really is in a more centralized area. I'm so excited to see you in November!!! :)

lavenderpug said...

i used to go there for after-work drinks! great choice! so close to times square, 5th ave, rockefeller center...

Anonymous said...

I'm going to NYC in August. I had signed up for Kimpton's emails awhile ago and found out they were opening a new hotel - Hotel Eventi. I booked it at the preopening rate of only $179/night. And now that it is open the reviews are fantastic. It is the #12 hotel in NYC out of over 400 hotels. I'm so excited to stay there.
I saw Eventi was on jetsetter too, but it was actually cheaper to go through Kimptons email specials than go through jetsetter.

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