Commuting Enemies

Thursday, July 15, 2010

There's a sad misconception that I'm this nice, sweet person. Yes, generally, I like to think I'm fairly nice. Maybe not the warmest, friendliest person on first meeting, but I'm at least cordial. However, I have a deep, dark secret: I have commuting enemies.

These are people who I've never spoken a single word to, have never done a thing to me, and yet I loath them. Sometimes, I worry about my overall crankiness.


These thoughts first emerged a few years ago when I noticed one of the regulars at my bus stop after work. Something about her general presence annoyed me. I could never figure it out, but I always found myself wanting to glare at her and mentally criticize her wardrobe choices.

And then of course, there was the guy at my former morning bus stop who would push his way onto the bus ahead of me so he could get a seat and finish his crossword puzzle. Umm, really dude? I have heels on, a work bag, a gym bag and am wearing a pencil skirt, and you really think you deserve a seat more than me? I think not. After awhile, I got good at pushing my way ahead of him.

Right now my enemy is someone who not only rides in my same train car every day, getting on at my stop, but also WORKS IN MY BUILDING. So I have to ride the train with her, walk to work by her, ride in the elevator with her, and then often repeat the whole process backwards after work! Kill me. She just exudes this "nose in the air, holier than thou" attitude that drives me up the wall. Again, let me reiterate the fact that she's never said a single word to me and probably doesn't even notice we commute together. Which, of course, makes her even more annoying.

Who pushes your grumpy button on a daily basis?


Sugar said...

This is hilarious. I totally relate. I dislike this women who lives in my building and takes the bus with me- she runs to the light just to wait for it to change and then she elbows her way onto the bus first. And I think she has strange feet- why? Who knows. On the other end, years ago there was a gorgeous guy who wore a camel colored coat on the bus. I started calling him my bus boyfriend. Yet, I never said a word to him.

SRH said...

I basically lurk on your site, but this post hit home for me! I totally had a guy I hated on my bus. I blogged about how horrible it was to ride with him. Every time the bus driver would stop at stop to pick someone up, this guy would sigh loudly and look at his watch.

Nani said...

LMAO YESH!!! finally someone on the same page as me. I had commute enemies and probably still would if I was still working downtown. I can't help it, I nitpick and I just don't like people. ::sigh:: I can still picture the little miss perfect rich girl I secretly hoped would trip on her face. I would take the stairs instead of the elevator because I didn't really want to deal with her even though I never even spoke to her. Question, are you a people watcher?

Laura said...

This is actually making me feel A LOT better! I posted this and then was like...are people going to thing I'm a crazy person?! :)

Yes, I am a TOTAL people watcher, my game on my walk from the train to my office is to evaluate every outfit I set...for the good, bad, and UGLY!

@SRH: Thanks for commenting, and your post is hilarious!!

BigAppleNosh said...

Yes! A little less so now since I walk to work, but I really get peeved by subway pole huggers. Like. Taking up any pole-holding space by making full body contact with the pole. Their ass is where my hand used to be, until I'm able to squeeze it out from between the pole and said ass.


violarulz/ducksandbooks said...

I don't commute anymore (stupid economy...) but I've got CrazyNeightborLady living next door to me. We share an entry way, just to make it that much worse. She's verbally abusive to her elderly, disabled husband, mean to her kids when they come to visit, chain smokes in the parking lot IN HER BATHROBE while yelling into her cordless phone, oh, and she likes to decorate our entry way with fugly fake flower displays and ceramic animals. Oh, and she's nosy too. Ugh, she raises my blood presser. Time to think about cinnamon rolls or something happy like that.

Me! said...

This post is hilarious. I hate people so people constantly piss me off. There is this one lady who drives a big white car and doesn't pay any attention and just can't drive. I end up right behind her probably 3 times a week. Several times I have left early for work just to avoid her.

MayLove said...

LOL. I totally get where you're coming from. On a similar note we have neighbor enemies. We have bever met these people, and they don't do anything personally to us. We just can't figure them out, and therefore loathe them entirely. One huge-normous fat guy has three huge-normous cars which he of course has no room for. So he uses a vacant house's driveway to store his superfluous cars. He plays tetris with them everyday, switching them around and blocking the street while doing so. It's not my driveway he parks in, but it drives me crazy. Like, where does he get off. Also, he washed them EVERY DAY. WTF? The another guy is either (a) a bootlegger (b) creates keg-art (c) produces his own diesel fuel (my husband's theory) in any case, we can't figure him out. Hubby is on a secret mission to befriend, and learn all he can about him, I just secretly despise him. ;)

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