Charlie & His Gang of Tuffy Friends

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Charlie has two really good friends: on the left you have Lobster, and on the right is Kang. They are Charlie's best buddies and he could run around with them for hours on end. The best part is that they are from the "Tuffy" brand of toys and they are just that: tough.

Since he's a bit of an aggressive chewer, Charlie can't be trusted with most toys as he will rip them to pieces. But he's had Kang for 7 months now and Lobster for 5 months and they're both still hanging in there.

See how much Charlie loves them? However, when he does get a little too rough and starts chewing, we say "kisses." This means stop what you're doing and give Lobster or Kang a little lick. Yes, this actually works.

In perusing Amazon recently, I checked out the full range of Tuffy toys. Both Kang and Lobster were purchases when we were on vacations (i.e. we paid double the price at fancy pet stores for them because I knew Charlie needed them). Turns out Amazon has a huge selection of the Tuffy line at about half the price.

I love this alien. I think he would be a great partner in crime for Kang. And, he would be so much easier for Charlie to carry around (Kang's big head tends to cause some problems for Charlie).

I don't know about you and your dog, but what toy collection is complete without a sheep? This guy's name is Sherman. I'm sure Charlie would adore him.

Or what about Bevo the Bull? Love him and Charlie would love to swing him around by his horns.

Now, Tuffy has toys that fall into just about every category. But obviously I am obsessed with the barnyard line. And it doesn't get any better than Tallulah the Turkey! I can't even handle the cuteness, and I wonder how Charlie's life has been complete without having a turkey.

I vow that by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, Charlie will be the proud owner of a turkey. I hope to have video to share his completely bliss when Tallulah makes her way into his life.

Because, seriously, how could you deprive this face of anything?!


BigAppleNosh said...

OMG, that last photo - that face!! It could melt the toughest of hearts. :)

Katie said...

LOL- our dogs rip apart stuffed toys in nanoseconds! I'd love to see how these stand up.

e.louise said...

Oh my those toys are cute... I may need to splurge on some! I love his expression in the last photo :)

Sugar said...

He's so freakin cute. Our guy ripped through one of those with a toughness scale of 9 within days- needless to say- he now gets the $4 chew toys.

Geek in Heels said...

Charlie is ADORABLE! (Although I must admit that I have a soft spot for dogs named Charlie because that was the name of our family pooch while growing up...) Our own shih tzu has destroyed every stuffed toy that has come into his possession — I have performed many "surgeries" to keep them alive.

Makes Me Blush said...

I've never heard of Tuffy, but thank you *so much* for introducing me! I have three small dogs but I swear to God the destroy toys like freaking rottweilers! New toys are lucky if they even last a day around here!

Anonymous said...

Murphy now possesses the sheep. :) I didn't know he had a name! I just call him Sheep.
-Cheryl (your sister)

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