My Darling Dwight

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For our first Christmas as a couple, way back when, Steve bought me a Dwight (a la "The Office") bobblehead. Dwight has traveled with me from job to job, always getting a prominent place on my desk.

Recently, I've had to put Dwight to work. I can't just let him sit there and look pretty anymore. He's really good at holding onto things, so he'll often be sporting a variety of rubber bands around his neck.

Right now, he is also displaying a button that was created for the going away party of one of my co-workers. I think the over sized button has a true "Flava Flav" affect.

You'll also notice that with Dwight's purple pipe cleaner headband, he can hold onto my tube of hand lotion. Because of this new role, Dwight stays close by my side at my desk, especially during the dry winter months. I think if he works hard, we could also expand this role to include holding lip gloss, my bathroom key...the sky is the limit for Dwight!

**Please note: due to numerous moves, Dwight has a crick in his neck that just won't go away, so he's always looking a little to his right. Since I am not a bobblehead chiropractor, I sadly have not been able to remedy the situation.


MayLove said...

LOL- I bought my husband a Dundie a few Christmases ago. He has yet to take it to his office despite my constant nagging, I mean pleading...

Mrs. Hot Cocoa said...

Love this! I tried to find a custom bobble for my husband after Angela gave Dwight his personalized bobble head in the Christmas episode. Didn't have much luck.

Tiffany said...

LoL! I love that you put him to good use!

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