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Monday, January 17, 2011

For Christmas, Steve really knocked one out of the park with my gift - he arranged for a one-on-one class with the fabulous Sonia Roselli. I'd heard great things in the past about Sonia's classes, but always thought it was more of a frivolous fun activity vs. a necessity. After taking the class, I can vouch for it being an absolute necessity for me! Why, you ask?

Well, this just wasn't any old class. It was Sonia's "Makeup Bag Makeover." Which meant I had to bring in all of my makeup odds and ends and have Sonia evaluate what I had before any makeup was actually applied to my face. After moving everything into a pile that was 2+ years old, it was revealed that 90% of my makeup was ancient. I'm embarrassed to say that in that pile was the eye shadow I bought for my junior prom. In, umm, 1999. Who carries around makeup not from this decade?! Me.

Turning to what was left in the "new-ish" pile, Sonia let me know how it was. She kindly told me that the blush I was wearing every day was what you'd typically put on a little old lady (doh!) and some of the eye shadow colors I thought were perfect would look great on Hally Berry, not moi. Crap. Not only was this a class, it was really an intervention. On Sonia's encouragement, almost all of my makeup went into the trash.

After the ancient eye shadows, the rancid foundation (which, for the record, I never wore), and the granny blush were gone, we were able to salvage the following: a few eye shadows, some lip glosses, concealer, and mascara. And then, we went to the makeup chair.

I learned a lot from Sonia. I now know how to mix and apply a tinted moisturizer using the most AMAZING makeup brush in the world (I think Sonia compared it to bunnies hitting you in the face, it's so soft). I know what colors to buy and how to use the "fun" colors - purples, greens, etc - to create a great evening look. Sonia taught me to apply powder liner (I was doing a sad job of applying liquid liner), gel liner to give me an evening look, and she showed me the perfect shade of blush.

I know that Sonia kept it simple for me, because I definitely needed to master the basics. I walked out of the class feeling confident that I could do a decent job of replicating some of the tips and tricks Sonia taught me. I distinctly remember getting ready for my engagement shoot two years ago and having a complete emotional breakdown because I didn't know how to apply eyeliner well and I felt like a female failure. I wish I had taken this class years ago.

Just for fun, Sonia also threw some lashes on me. LOVE me some lashes! I like how fresh and clean my look is, and how Sonia played up my eyes.

I really just made Steve take this shot so that I could study specifically what Sonia did on my lids. Yes, I'm a nerd like that.

At the end of the class, I of course needed to replace all of the makeup that we had thrown out. Since Sonia offers 20% off of her products after taking a class, I was able to stock up. I walked away with: foundation, powder, cream blush, powder blush, eyebrow powder/wax, an eyelid primer (keeps shadow from creasing - love it!), and the amazing stipple brush that I mentioned above - I can use it to apply my foundation, blush, powder, etc. I definitely learned that less is more, and I'd rather have a few fabulous products over a drawer full of products that are just wrong for me.

Now I'm gearing up for another class - Sonia offers a brush class where not only do you get to learn how to use all of your brushes, you actually get a 12-piece brush set as a part of the class. I'm so there! Check out Sonia's blog for details on all of her 2011 classes.

I really wanted to make a lot of positive changes in 2011, and gaining a fresh new face was a fabulous start!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you look fabulous! I really really love the entire look and as you said, especially the eyes! What a great gift from Steve - I think I might look into something similar near me because I often feel totally incompetent putting makeup on. And don't worry, I'm guilty of never throwing makeup away too. Although I don't think I can beat 1999, I definitely have a pot of eye shadow from 2004!

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

You look gorgeous! Your skin is flawless. I tend to hold on to old make-up, too. Your husband is so sweet to get you such a thoughtful gift :)

Alvina said...

You look great and I loved the line, "bunnies hitting you in the face" heheh

A Long Far View said...

Wow you look fantastic! (And I will admit that I'm pretty sure I found an eyeshadow case from my early college years, if not high school. And I graduated high school in 2000. Yeah, oops. I KNOW it's not good to use such old makeup, but I still can't bring myself to throw it away!).

That's such an awesome present - I'd love to hear more about what products you used (especially the eyeshadow and liner - that's where I need the most help!)

melinda said...

So pretty! That is an awesome present. I could definitely use some coaching in this area. I've definitely got makeup from high school still in my bag . . . oops!

melinda said...

So pretty! I could definitely use some tutorials in this area. Oh, and I could definitely use some help letting go of makeup from high school.

Katie said...

Wow - way to go Steve on gifting you such an awesome experience! You look fantastic!!!!!

Mrs. Hot Cocoa said...

Gorgeous! I love the the eyes especially.

Marissa said...

delurking :) You look absolutely smashing. Stunning for day and night. You have beautiful porcelain skin. Should I ever travel to Chicago I am DEF. making an appt with Bunny (aka Sonia, lol)

lavenderpug said...

that sounds really fun! you look fantastic. i may totally be in the same boat as you in having decade old makeup.

Micah and Catherine said...

What a great gift!

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