I {secretly} Heart Tori

Monday, December 13, 2010

Yah, that's right. I'm a closet Tori & Dean watcher. You can feel free to go ahead and judge me, but I absolutely love her show (although, I can't support her choice in spouses). She has great fashion sense, a keen eye for design, and puts together some pretty amazing parties. And she named her little girl Stella - love it!

So I finally decided to make myself go in for a haircut right before Thanksgiving. I hadn't had one since June, which yes I realize was 6 months ago, which I also realize is a really long time to go between hair cuts, which I also realize is plenty of time to allow for a fresh crop of gray hair to descend on my head. I was fighting the gray hair off with tweezers, but that wasn't doing anything for my horrid excuse of a hairstyle.

Oh yah, so back to Tori. I loved the cute angled 'do Tori was sporting awhile back. It was styled without being too fussy and took off some of the length without being too short.

Since we were heading down to my parents' house for turkey day, I managed to get an appointment while we were in town with a friend from high school. Not only is she fabulous and does fabulous work (thanks Katie!), she is also much cheaper than Chicago stylists (extra thanks Katie!). So after Katie covered up my grays, I showed her my Tori inspiration pic before she started cutting.

I started with something like this:

And ended up with this:

I forgot how great a good haircut can make you feel! Especially a fun, sassy shorter cut that makes a super cute little pony tail or two super cute pigtails. Just sayin'.

Charlie, however, was seemingly unimpressed by the new hair. He'll be forgiven this time, but next time he'd better be wagging his tail in awe.


melinda said...

Love it! The length really suits you!

Nellie said...

You look fantastic! Sassy and chic indeed!

rabitstew said...

You're not alone, I puffy heart Tori, too. And love the hair!!! If you ever need a haircut in Chicago, let me know!

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