Ditch the brass, bring the class

Monday, December 20, 2010

Our bathroom renovation wasn't all we were up to over Thanksgiving...the light fixtures in our place needed some serious replacing! Brass, brass, everywhere was brass.

The light in our pseudo "entry way" by the front door was this little number:

We replaced it with the most minimal light fixture Home Depot sold:

Our living room fan was the biggest monstrosity of a fan I think I have ever laid my eyes on.

Just in case you wanted to get a really good look at all this BRASS, here's the sucker after we took it down. For some reason it reminds me of an evil octopus.

We replaced it with, again, the most minimal fan we could find at Home Depot. Black blades, brushed nickel fixtures, as low key as possible:

Ok, so it wasn't all brass that we got rid of. This black light fixture in our kitchen/Steve's office area just wasn't our style. A little too, err, busy for our taste.

We got this lovely light from Seascape Lamps. I was a little nervous ordering from a company I wasn't familiar with, but their customer service was great, we were able to customize how long the cord was, and they shipped it quickly. Highly recommend.

Here's a shot of it with the light turned off. Every time I look at it I'm happy! It perfectly fits the space and our style.

Don't work, I kept a little brass for the end. This guy has been hanging over our bed since we moved in (and by "this guy" I mean the fan not, umm, Steve...that would just be weird):

Needless to say, we were excited to change it out with another one of these:

It's amazing what (somewhat) simple changes can make for the look/feel of your home. Since our bathroom now has brushed nickel finishes throughout, pulling that through to the light fixtures and fans in other rooms really brings a consistent feel. Love.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to exterminate all of the brass in our house. The door knobs, hinges, etc are all in brass, so we will at some point have to decide if it's worth the cost/effort to change all of those out. The big roadblock being, of course, the front and back doors that would cause us to involve a locksmith (I assume) to make the changes. Blah.

Disclaimer: I'm sure brass fixtures are great in many homes and if you love them, that's awesome! They just don't match anything else we own, were oversized/outdated and therefore had to go. I would love to see how you rock out the brass in your house!


Nodakademic said...

These look great! I especially love the kitchen pendant.

MayLove said...

I'm not sure of your living situation, but hubby changed the exterior doorhandles when we moved in. It took about 15-20 minutes, no locksmith necessary.

Kelly said...

Love the changes! The new fixtures are very modern looking. I dig!

Katie said...

The new fixtures look so nice! I love how replacing one or two things like that can give the place a whole new look!

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