Our Little Hopscotch Champion

Friday, July 23, 2010

We may call our pup Charlie, Chuck, Monkey, Sir Monks-a-lot, Monkey Punk, Puppy, and everything in between, we also call him a hopscotch champion. Yes, you heard me correctly. As soon as we got our hopscotch rug from CB2, Charlie knew exactly what to do.

Ok, well maybe he hasn't quite figured out the "hopping" part, but if this was roll-scotch I'm pretty sure he could go pro.


MayLove said...

That is awesome! When we bring new rugs home, our dog eats them. I have wasted a pretty penny, and our house is strewn with partially chewed rugs of all shapes and sizes. Charlie has the right idea there. Rugs are for playing on, not eating. Think he could have a chat with our dog? Set her straight?

lavenderpug said...

aw what a cutie, he looks like he is having the *best* time!

Laura said...

Aww, that's a bummer that your pup is a rug chewer! Charlie can help your dog if she can help us convince Charlie that he doesn't need to pull me down the street and after every squirrel!

BigAppleNosh said...


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