Can't get the organic outta my hair

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

For those of you who know us, you know that Steve and I share a love that can't be competed with...a love for Whole Foods, that is. What other grocery store could make you feel so good about forking over tons of cash on fabulous, organic products? Plus, our new super-sized and fabulous store in Lincoln Park doubles as a great place for a date. No joke.

But what I don't love, sadly, is the 365 brand shampoo. Now, I stick by almost all 365 brand products because they're a great value but also natural/organic. We already buy their body wash, which is a fantastic deal. So when we needed shampoo, we figured we'd give the 365 a try.

Oh dear lord, we were terribly, terribly let down.


While we bought the shampoo meant for regular hair in the wonderful grapefruit scent, the goodness stopped there. I couldn't get the greasy, grimy feeling to go away no matter how many times I rinsed. My hair felt incredibly coated by the product and styling it was nearly impossible...I really felt like I could skipped shampoo altogether and had cleaner hair.

Steve assumed I was just being finicky and continued to use the shampoo while I switched back to my regular stuff. That is, until he went in for a hair cut and his stylist questioned just what exactly he'd been using on his hair. Apparently he wasn't immune to the grime either.

Why, Whole Foods, did you have to make such a yuck-o shampoo? We were so sad to throw out so much unused product, but I absolutely wasn't going to let it near my head again. Sigh. We'll stick with anything else stamped with a 365 logo, but buyer beware when it comes to your hair.


BigAppleNosh said...

Oh, sad! Kudos to Steve for being persistent in the face of futility. ;)

Anonymous said...

How's the conditioner? We buy cheap conditioner like this for shaving actually and love it. As far as hair products I'z a snob and only do aveda though I have bent and think Avenno is okay for the occassional wash or if I'm washing more than once/day

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