For the Love of Stainless Steel

Sunday, January 24, 2010

When we bought our condo a year and a half ago, even though we wanted beautiful stainless steal appliances with a French door refrigerator, we chose a place with 10-year-old, basic and boring white appliances. But, we also knew that buying new appliances one day would give us the opportunity to (hopefully) add some value to our little place.

So, we've dealt with our freezer leaking into our fridge, a dishwasher that cleaned nothing and was falling apart and a dirty old oven that didn't sit level on the floor. Booo.

Check out the "goods":

This dishwasher sounded like the door was going to blow off when it was running, and yet always spit out dirty filthy dishes that we had to re-wash. (Looking back, I wonder why we even used it...probably would have served better as storage.)

The black weather stripping stuff was falling out, too. Double ugh. Our silverware would get caught on it and continually yank it out. Stupidest. Dishwasher. Ever.

So, after putting together shopping cart after hopeful shopping cart of appliances online, debating amongst ourselves and trying to justify this major purchase, we bit the bullet at the beginning of the year and got a great deal from ABT Electronics on our new LG Appliances!

See how gorgeous?! I'm starting to realize that my major love for these appliances is a true sign of my age. Sigh. Oh, and putting the freezer on the bottom is the best invention ever.

I like to think that our new stove is pretty awesome. We have 5 burners, a warming drawer and big fancy knobs that make the stove look extra-important.

And finally, the wonderful world of our new dishwasher. Swoon (yes, I'm swooning over our dishwasher, sue me). The controls are on the inside of the door, we can delay its start by hours, it makes a quiet little "hum" when it runs...oh, and it actually cleans dishes.

Now that the wedding is over, it's been nice to start putting some time and effort (and, umm, money) into our place. This is probably the most major/expensive project we had planned, but I'm excited for all of the little things that will make our place feel a little extra fancy.


Kate @ Manhattan Actress said...

Wow, your kitchen looks 10x as gorgeous with the stainless appliances! We're finally getting to start investing in non-wedding things, too! Isn't it exciting??

BruinChiq said...

Love the look of all the pretty new & shiny objects! :) Our new dishwasher arrives tomorrow... and I can't wait to NOT hear it run upstairs with the door closed!!!

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