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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My dearest Crate & Barrel,

Remember me? I was meek and timid to start scanning away for registry items from you. I made lists, deliberated on quantity, cost and the usefulness of everything that popped on over to our registry. In fact, if you'll just take a peek, you'll notice that each and every item we scanned was purchased. (I told you I had a master registry plan.)

Everything except, of course, for the 4 lovely green Felix Side Chairs that you convinced me I just had to have to compliment our Span Gateleg Table (that we registered for, I might add, because you convinced me it would make our space "modern" and more flexible). You don't even show that table paired with any other chairs, so who am I to break up a family?


Now, day in and day out, we're left with a folded up table against a wall and surrounded by a graveyard of rickety IKEA chairs. It's really quite sad.

So if you could please just do me a solid and put these chairs on sale, it would be so very appreciated. I stalk them regularly on your Web site, hoping and praying for that magical red sale price. Between a sale, my 10% registry fulfillment coupon and the $100 gift card that's burning a hole in my pocket, I might just be able to make this relationship work. I don't care that at $89.95 that these are the cheapest chairs you will probably ever have on your Web site besides lawn furniture. We're not all millionaires, ya know.

Thank you so much for considering my teensy, weensy little request. I look forward to the prompt move of the Felix Side Chairs to your sale list. Or heck, even to the Outlet if you're feelin' really crazy.


The Kooky Wife

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